Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Guide

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  1. Bonfires is a mobility challenge. The objective is to touch as many beams of red light as you can before the time runs out. Each of the red lights appears completely randomly each time you play the challenge.
  2. You will have a set amount of time to collect as many beams as possible, though the countdown will be extended each time you touch a beam. Each beam will give you points, and you can get bonuses by reaching a beam very quickly or by doing difficult jumps.
  3. Before you start, it is important to know that your mana refills quickly. You also do not take any fall damage during this challenge. You may have to do this challenge multiple times to master the jumps in the area.
  4. Once the challenge starts, find the first red beam and use your blink and agility to get there as quickly as possible. Your blink and agility powers should be the only powers you use during this challenge.
  5. During your first run through of this challenge, you should try to memorize where each building is on the map and take notice of where the red beams can spawn. Remember that you do not take fall damage and you can rapidly use your powers. Also, if you fall off of the map you will respawn at the location of the previous beam.
  6. Some routes may be more difficult than others. Since each beam of light is randomly spawned, there are many different paths that you may have to take. Play the challenge until you have mastered the paths. Once you have become familiar with the different jumps and paths, you should have no problem obtaining a score you are happy with. Remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to jumps.

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