Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Guide

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Mystery Foe

  1. Mystery Foe is a stealth challenge that requires you to collect clues and execute a mystery target in the building. It is recommended to move through the challenge undetected. Once you execute the proper target, the challenge will be completed. However, the challenge will end if you die, if the target escapes, or if you execute an innocent person. It is acceptable to render someone unconscious, but it will not help your points and it will leave a body that is likely to be discovered. A discovered body may cause your target to flee.
  2. In this challenge, you can get a lucky kill and execute the target without knowing who it is, but it is recommended to collect all of the clues first. When you are ready, enter the building and find a way to hide. You can hide on chandeliers and behind curtains. You can also use rat holes and attic trapdoors to bypass enemies easily and enter different rooms. Use rat holes by using your possession ability to possess a rat and move through it.
  3. Your abilities are very important in this mission. Use your blink ability to teleport to hiding places so you can move around without being spotted. Find a good hiding spot, then take a moment to locate all of the clues which will be marked on your hud. Find the first clue and grab it without being seen. You can use your abilities to make this easier by doing things such as stopping time.
  4. When you acquire the first clue, you will notice a notification pop up at the top right of your screen. Almost like a good game of ‘Guess Who,’ a description of the person will be given to you to help you narrow down who your target is. You should be given a clue similar to ‘Your target wears blue clothes’ or ‘Your target is not wearing a hat.’
  5. If at any point you think you know who your target is, you can take a risk and execute them. However, to be sure you are not murdering an innocent person, you should find all of the clues first.
  6. Make your way around the building until you have collected all four of the clues. While doing this, you should grab potions to restore your abilities. When your abilities run low, it is more difficult to be stealthy.
  7. Each clue you find will narrow down who your target may be. When you find the fourth and final clue, a picture of your target will appear on the top right of your hud. Search the building for someone meeting the description you have. Each time you play the challenge the target will be different. Once you find the target, execute them to complete the challenge.

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