Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Guide

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Back Alley Brawl

  1. Back Alley Brawl is an action challenge. It is based off of typical wave-based survival gametypes. You must fight through waves of enemies that will grown increasingly more difficult as the challenge goes on.
  2. You do not have infinite ammo or powers in this challenge, which means you need to collect them. You can collect Runes throughout the challenge to obtain new powers such as Devouring Swarm. Between some rounds, there is a golden merchant who will appear. You can hit him or kill him to collect more ammo, potions, or even gear upgrades.
  3. You will start out with default weapons and powers. Use them to defeat the enemies in the first wave. You can also find a tank of Whale Oil which is marked with a green light. You can use the tank to deal explosive damage to enemies by throwing it at them.
  4. Kill the enemies in each wave to rack up points. Try to be quick about killing the enemies because they will fight each other. If an enemy kills another enemy in the wave, you will lose out on points. Try to steal as many kills as possible.
  5. You can also view how many enemies are alive by checking the amount of skulls at the top of the hud. Your kill count and time can be viewed at the top right.
  6. You can get point bonuses by getting kill multipliers or special kills such as fatalities and novelty kills. The rounds should be similar to each other with the exception of more difficult enemies, so find a strategy that works for you.
  7. Continue to rack up kills and collect upgrades until it becomes too difficult for you. Like any wave-based survival gametype, the more you play it the better you will become. Once you die and the challenge ends, play it again to try to beat your high score.

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