Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Guide

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Assassin’s Run

  1. Assassin’s Run is an action challenge. The objective is to make your way through the level while shooting your targets with a crossbow. You will need to avoid neutralizing civilians and kill your enemies as fast as possible. The quicker you complete the challenge, the more points you will receive.
  2. You will start out at the entrance to the first room. You will already have your crossbow equipped, suited with infinite ammo. Even though you have infinite ammo, you will receive more points for making each shot accurate.
  3. Head through the start door and kill the first enemy with the crossbow. There will be a total of three enemies in this room, as indicated by the skulls at the top of the screen. Find the next two enemies and kill them.
  4. The door to the next room will open once all the enemies in the room are dead. If an enemy in the room is still alive, the door will not open. You can find each door by looking for the red light above them. If the red light is off, the door is open. If it is lit, the door is still locked.
  5. Proceed into the next room containing three more enemies. Kill them, but avoid the civilian in the white clothes wearing a mask. When the final enemy is dead, the door directly ahead of you will open. Head into the next room.
  6. Wait at the start of the room and keep an eye on the opening on the other side. Soon, a wave of enemies will rush you. In the midst of the enemies there is a civilian you must avoid. Kill each enemy with an accurate shot before they reach you. For better accuracy, zoom in with the crossbow.
  7. Once the room is clear of enemies, turn to the right of the room and head up the wooden ramp through the doorway. Three doors will open. The left door contains an enemy, the middle a civilian, and the right contains another enemy. Kill the two enemies before they reach you.
  8. Do not head through any doors, but instead take notice to the upper part of the wall to the left of the entrance. There will be a small platform and another doorway. You can either use blink to reach the door, or climb up the objects along the wall.
  9. In the next room, windows will open. The next two enemies must be killed at long range. The first one is holding a hostage, so you must zoom in with your crossbow for accuracy. Shoot him in the head, then look at the stairway to his right. One more enemy will be walking up the stairway. Kill him and proceed into the next room.
  10. The next room only contains two enemies. Quickly shoot them and head into the next doorway. This will be the final room. There will be enemies on the second level of the room. Look up and kill them. It is very likely that the enemies will teleport to the ground floor, so be aware.
  11. Once you kill the last three enemies in this room, a new glowing white doorway will open. Head into the white room to end the challenge. Wait for your score, and either continue or try the challenge again.

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