Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Guide

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Bend Time Massacre

  1. Bend Time Massacre is a puzzle challenge. You will need to break the glass to start the Bend Time. Once Bend Time is activated, you will be given a few seconds to execute as many people as you can. This challenge is round-based. Each new round gives you different situations and resources.
  2. Once Round 1 starts, you will have ten seconds to kill three enemies. Take a moment to find the enemies and think of a strategy. You can use your Dark Vision to spot enemies. When you are ready, break the glass and start massacring. When the time is up, the round will end.
  3. At the end of each round you will see the possible amount of kills, the goal amount of kills, and the amount of kills you had. You will also have the option to continue onto the bonus round. Bonus rounds will give you a specific challenge to complete. If you pass, you will be rewarded a score increase.
  4. Each round is more difficult than the last. In the second round, you will have to kill five enemies within ten seconds. Remember to fully utilize all of your weapons. Assassinate anyone you can. Try to get headshots with the crossbow and the pistol, and use grenades and mines on large groups of people. Even try to use the glass to your advantage. Try to activate Bend Time when many enemies are grouped together.
  5. If you fail one of the rounds, don’t fret. You do not have to restart the challenge. There is no way to fail this challenge. If you don’t kill the goal amount of people during a round, it will simply restart allowing you to try again. This allows you to build strategies for each round.
  6. On the other hand, bonus rounds can be failed. You only get one try, and if you fail, they do not restart. They are purely for bonus points. If you fail a bonus round, you will receive no points and you will advance to the next round. Guides bonus rounds are available below.
  7. The third round gives you fourteen seconds to kill seven enemies. Remember to use explosions on large groups of people. You should also use the environment to your advantage. Look for things such as Whale Oil Tanks which can be used to kill enemies. Round four requires you to kill ten enemies in fourteen seconds. Do this the same way you did the previous round
  8. Round five requires you to kill seven enemies in sixteen seconds. This round contains two different rooms. Use an explosive on the people to the right, then run to the left room and kill as many people as possible.
  9. Round six requires you to kill fifteen enemies in 20 seconds. Scope out the room using Dark Vision and build a strategy. To the left of the start there is an oil tank that can be used. Locate the different rooms in the area and decide where to use your explosives. Run around with your knife to kill any stragglers.
  • Each time you play the challenge, the bonus rounds may be in a different order. The guides for each round are below.
  1. The first bonus round will challenge you to kill the Elite and save the Art Dealer. Break the glass and use your possession on the Elite. Move him in front of the bullet’s path. Next, possess the Art Dealer and move him to safety. The bonus round will be completed.
  2. The second bonus round requires you to kill three nobles while leaving the guards unharmed. The three nobles are grouped together in the center of the room and the guards are walking around. You only have two seconds to do this. Wait until the guards are far away from the nobles, then break the glass. Use a mine to kill the nobles in an explosion.
  3. The third bonus round challenges you to hit the Art Dealer with four crossbow bolts. Each bolt should shatter a pane of glass. There are windows surrounding the entire room. From outside the room, fire a crossbow bolt at the Art Dealer. Travel around the building and fire a bolt through each window at the dealer. Make sure one of the bolts hits him in the head so he will die.
  4. The fourth bonus round requires you to kill all three Pendleton Brothers within 40 seconds. You must not allow the guards to see their bodies or watch them die. Break the glass and kill the brothers. Hit your projectile to make it move while time is stopped or simply use your knife. Once the brothers are dead, carry them out of site before the time runs out.
  5. The fifth bonus round requires you to kill Overseer Campbell with the Whale Oil Tank within 25 seconds. The battery will be ignited as soon as you break the glass. Break the glass, then run over and break another glass panel near Overseer Campbell. Quickly grab the tank and run towards Campbell. Throw the oil tank at him.
  6. The sixth bonus round requires you to save all 20 enemies from the ignited Whale Oil Tanks within 20 seconds. Use Dark Vision to locate all three tanks. Grab the tanks and throw them off of the balcony before time runs out. Be sure not to hit anything with the tanks so they do not explode.

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