Dishonored: Rune Collectible Locations [Video]

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Gaming just got another great, according to Game Front’s Dishonored review. Play as Corvo on his quest to get revenge on the government that betrayed you and your Queen. As a master assassin, you’ll gain gadgets and supernatural abilities to help you beat the odds. But, if you want to upgrade those supernatual skills, you’ll need to find hidden runes. These collectible items are scattered throughout each of the massive stages, and using them will level up your magical powers to make them even deadlier. Don’t miss out on these integral items, find our locations guide below.

Exacting revenge isn’t easy in Dishonored, that’s why the Royal Guards of Game Front are here to provide a text walkthrough. For more extra content like this, take a trip over to the Dishonored cheats.

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Rune Collectible Locations


High Overseer Campbell

  1. The first rune is located in Granny Rags’ home, reachable by climbing through her balcony. Don’t forget to use the Heart to help you locate collectibles. The first rune is through the door near the old lady, in a shrine outback.
  2. Stick with Granny Rags and complete side-quests for her to reach more runes. First, she’ll ask you to clear out some thugs downstairs. Take the three goons out, and go back inside to find a rune inside the room with the balcony.
  3. Next, you’ll need to go to the secret laboratory of Dr. Galvani for Granny Rags. Go there, and inside the lab interact with a glowing red book on the bookshelf to find a secret room with your objective inside. The next rune is a reward for poisoning the distillery. Get to the second large room with the stills, enter the backroom and drop down to the lower levels. Crouch under the opening and interact with the objective, then just return to Granny for a rune.
  4. Get across the wall of light to reach another rune hidden inside a guard station. Climb onto the roof above the wall of light, then use the vent on the left side to crawl into the station.
  5. Another rune is located in the backyard area, inside the workshop. Sneak up to the roof of the shop and smash the window to jump down inside.
  6. This next rune is located in the room where Campbell meets with another character. The rune is just over the fireplace.
  7. The last rune is locked up in Campbell’s secret room. You’ll need to trash both the Captain and Campbell’s rooms so they’ll retreat to a secret hiding place. Wait for Campbell to open the door by using the eye scanner, then take them both out. The rune is located inside a display case in the back corner.

House of Pleasure

  1. Look right before walking into the Golden Cat and keep an eye out for a building you can enter. Just use the Blink power to reach the open entrance to the second floor.
  2. Inside the Golden Cat, look for a framed room at the top of the main staircase leading to the second floor.
  3. While in the Golden Cat, interact with the Art Dealer’s electric chair to interrogate him. Eventually, he’ll reveal the code to his safe. Open the safe in the Art Dealer’s apartment to get your hands on a rune.
  4. Also in the Golden Cat, Blink up to the third floor and search one of the prostitute’s rooms to find an easy rune.
  5. Make a return trip to Dr. Galvani’s building and go to the secret room you discovered in the previous mission, accessible by interacting with the glowing book. Replacing the dissected rat is a new rune.
  6. At the Hound Pits Pub, you can pick up a side-quest to deal with underground Weepers. Travel down to the sewer and look for an overturned metal desk. The rune is sitting inside.
  7. Another rune is located in the water channel beyond a group of Weepers.

The Royal Physician

  1. Past the warehouse, look for an alley leading to an open balcony above. Blink up to the balcony and enter to find a rune inside.
  2. Another rune is located in Lord Pratchett’s home, you’ll need to get his key by killing or pick-pocketing it off him. Inside, you’ll need to use clues from the paintings to figure out the combination. The rune is locked away safely in his safe.
  3. Climb to the roof of Lord Pratchett’s home and look for an open way into another apartment across. Blink to the building and take the rune from the creepy apartment.
  4. Just as you enter Midrow Substation, you can find a nearby rune sitting on a desk. Pull out your heart just as you enter Midrow if you’re afraid of missing it.
  5. The very last rune is hidden away in Sokolov’s greenhouse, reachable through his workshop in the mansion. It is found on the left side of the room, on one of the desks.

Lady Boyle’s Last Party

  1. Find Calista and accept her side-quest, she’ll ask you to track down a friend. If you do so, you’ll be rewarded with a rune.
  2. If you only kill the Boyle sister that’s your target, you’ll be rewarded with a rune waiting for you inside Corvo’s place.
  3. In the Boyle Mansion, use the switch in the kitchen to reach the basement where a rune is stored. Search the rooms on the second floor to get a key to the basement vault.
  4. Jump down into the watery channel running through the Mansion Exterior.
  5. The last rune is on a building’s roof across the water channel. You can reach it with Blink, just watch out for Weepers.

Return to the Tower

  1. Turn right after leaving the Water Lock to find a Barrack. Inside the building, you can find another rune.
  2. In one corner of the Dunwall Tower Interior you can find an entrance leading down into a Torture Chamber. Down there, you can find an Outsider Shrine with a rune.
  3. Sneak up to the Tower’s second floor and search a bedroom to get your hands on a key before going to the Lord Reagent’s quarters, where the rune is located inside one of a handful of treasure chests.
  4. The last rune is on the Tower Rooftop. You can access the Library through a high window, then you just need to sneak to the back of the library to find the rune sitting on a very large table.

The Flooded District

  1. Enter the Refinery and when you climb down you’ll find a valve-controlled door. Through the door leading outside, you’ll find a rune right on the ground.
  2. After taking care of Daud, you’ll be able to take a key off him. Next to the Assassin’s HQ is a locked door, use the key and climb down the chain through the wrecked floor to find a rune at the bottom.
  3. In the Gateward Tunnel area, travel to the far ruined buildings on the left before reaching the tracks. Blink from building to building to reach the roof and find a rune.
  4. Meet Granny Rags and help her with side-quests and she’ll leave you a rune inside her shack.
  5. If you’ve worked with Granny Rags and Slackjaw, you’ll eventually get the key to a special route into the sewers. Go back to the entrance and use the door to find a rune below the metal walkways.

The Loyalists

  1. This rune is located in Piero’s workshop after returning to the Hounds Pit Tavern.

The Light at the End

  1. At the Fort, you’ll need to enter the sewer in the back corner of the center yard. Keep following the pipes until you reach a valve-controlled door. Cross through the open door to find a rune before reaching the drainage area.

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