Dishonored: Sokolov Painting Collectible Locations

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The new game from Arkane and Bethesda has been praised for its artistic direction in our Dishonored review, but some of those art assets aren’t just for show. While exploring the city of Dunwall, protagonist Corvo can discover collectibles called Sokolov Paintings. These special items are hidden away everywhere, and we’ll help you find them all. Get all the details below.

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Sokolov Painting Collectible Locations

High Overseer Campbell

  1. This painting is located in the basement of the Overseer’s mansion. To get inside, you’ll need to find a hidden button on the wall opposite the Kennel’s entrance. Press the button, and the way into the secret basement will appear.

House of Pleasure

  1. All the paintings in this mission are located inside the Art Dealer’s Apartment. To make your way into the dealer’s home, you’ll need to find the dealer himself. Find him inside the Golden Cat, where you can interrogate him for the safe combination. If you want a key, help the woman in the alley. One of the paintings is located inside the safe.
  2. Inside the apartment, another painting can be found in the third floor bedroom.
  3. The last painting is on the second floor, where two goons are studying it. Take out the criminals and get the painting for yourself.

The Royal Physician

  1. This painting is prominently displayed in the first floor of Sokolov’s house. To reach it, you’ll need to take out the many guards watching the painting, or be prepared to get caught while taking it.

Lady Boyle’s Last Party

  1. While searching for one of the Boyle sisters, trying to deduce which in the party is your target, you’ll need to explore several rooms in the second floor. Inside your target’s room, you’ll find the painting. The location is changed depending on which of the three is your target.
  2. The next painting is located in a small gallery on the second floor of the mansion. It’s the center painting, front and center of the show room.

Return to the Tower

  1. This painting can be discovered upon reaching the second floor of the tower interior. Find a room with a fireplace, and adorned with instruments. The painting hangs over the fire as the central focus of interest.

The Flooded District

  1. In the waterfront area, look for a tall wrecked building with three levels. You’ll find the painting on the third story, just use Blink to reach it before going to the refinery.
  2. While raiding the Assassins’ HQ, as you leave the area you’ll come across a chain. Climb down the chain before leaving the building and look for a platform as you move down. Jump off to find the painting.
  3. Search the sewers in the Old Port District Outskirts to find a painting hidden upstairs from Granny Rags’ area.

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On March 23, 2013 at 3:55 pm

I tried looking for granny’s location when I was doing my “Clean Hands” and “Mostly Flesh and Steel” run through but couldn’t find her. do you have to have high chaos to find Granny in that mission?