Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Guide

  • Part 1: Prologue
  • Part 2: Rothwild Slaughterhouse (Outside)
  • Part 3: The Rothwild Slaughterhouse
  • Part 4: The Legal District
  • Part 5: The Surge
  • Part 2: Rothwild Slaughterhouse (Outside)

    1. Before the mission begins, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons, purchase equipment and use favors that will help out during the mission. If you have the money I’d definitely recommend grabbing all the favors since they’re actually not too bad of a price. Equip to your playstyle as well. Use sleep darts for the more pacifist route or grab the lethal equipment if you’re going to kill everyone. Personally, I’m going stealth.
    2. Once you’re finished tinkering with your purchases, the mission begins immediately. You’ll be under shadow between two brick buildings on a metal walkway. Run up to the end of the ledge to meet one of your crew. She’ll give you a RUNE as the conversation wanes.
    3. The road that heads right, will lead to a wall of light. That’s the direction that you need to go. Head that way, but stick to the vents and walkways up above. You’ll also be notified of a power you can use, Void Gaze. You’ll be able to see Bone Charms and Runes, and on higher levels, security devices, ammo, coins, keys, as well as living beings.
    4. The apartment building on the right can be accessed by jumping down to the vent that’s hugging the building on the right. You’ll need to blink to the one story building across, face the apartment building, then blink to either the first, second or third floor. There will be guards patrolling the building. Also, take notice of the metal walkway that connects the third floor of the apartment building to the one across the street. There’s a guard that patrols there as well.
    5. The BONE CHARM near the apartment building can be found on the other side of said building. Move along the rooftops on the apartment side. You’ll see graffiti on a brick wall that says, “Send Us Food, Not Bullets”. Follow the rooftop until you see an alleyway with a bright spotlight below, along with some wrapped up dead bodies.
    6. Drop down to the alleyway, move to the street, but watch out for the electrical tower. There will be some wire that leads to the room inside. Dispatch the guard, then head into the room, past the “Greaves Lighting Oil” poster to grab a BONE CHARM.
    7. Head up to the top floor of the building you just entered, then head toward the metal walkway. The wall of light is up ahead. Use the rooftops on the right side to get in closer to the wall. When you emerge from the shadows, the wall of light will be on your left.
    8. The main entrance will be highlighted a short distance away, across the barbed wire wall. Hug the building on the left side staying parallel with the wall. Walk across the vents, jump on top of the metal walkway on the left, then enter the third floor room ahead that’s painted in red. Loot the room, then hop out of the window near the stove.
    9. You’ll now be on the rooftop overlooking Slaughterhouse Row. To get your bearings, head to the edge of the rooftop with the dual silos in front of you. To the left is the waterfront with a control panel near the water that will open the sewer. Just ahead of you, past the cylindrical towers on stilts, are two shacks. The one on the right houses blueprints, and a key you’ll need later. Looking right, there’s a platform you can access above the main entrance to grab a RUNE. Your partner that decided to tag along will have a conversation with you up here.
    10. And just below you, on dirt level is a prison cell that houses two workers. You’ll need to talk to them in a bit.
    11. On the rooftop, to save some time later, look down and find the whale oil canister that powers the wall of light. Remove it, then blink on top of one of the rusted towers. Look down below and head for the shack on the left. You can enter through the rooftop where there are gaps. Drop down, while watching out for the guards, then remove the whale oil canister that powers the electrical tower.
    12. Near that electrical tower is a control panel. Pull the lever and the gates to the sewer will open. Use Void Gaze to locate the BONE CHARM. Now take a swim to head under the docks. You can bring a dead body with you to distract the rats, or you can use blink, grab the BONE CHARM, then blink out.
    13. Once you’ve gathered the BONE CHARM, head toward the main entrance by using the rooftops of the two shacks as a path. To get in, you’ll need a card. From here, look in the direction of the window you used to get across the wall. In the distance you’ll see workers behind bars. Head there, dispatch the guard who continues to talk to them, then talk to the workers.
    14. They want to leave and the key is in one of the shacks (or breakroom as he puts it). It’s the one closest to the main entrance. Grab they key as well as the blueprint on the table, then head back to the workers. They’ll ask for another favor, to disable the wall of light. Since you’ve already turned it off, tell them the wall isn’t powered any longer. They’ll give you a time card to punch in, to get through to the main entrance. Head inside.

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