Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Guide

  • Part 1: Prologue
  • Part 2: Rothwild Slaughterhouse (Outside)
  • Part 3: The Rothwild Slaughterhouse
  • Part 4: The Legal District
  • Part 5: The Surge
  • Part 3: The Rothwild Slaughterhouse

    1. Upon entering, you’ll be in an entrance way. Check out the metal doors ahead. Look through the keyhole to get your bearings. You’ll see enemies, plus a new one, the butchers. Once they’re finished talking, open the doors, then hide behind the box immediately to the left.
    2. Take note of the cargo container on tracks on the right side. It contains wooden boxes. It’s best to get some height, so blink on top of the container, then the metal walkway above it. Turning on Void Gaze will also reveal a rune high above this room.
    3. On the walkway, head toward the sign that says “Rothwild Whale Slaughterhouse”. There will be an open crate ahead, that Billie Lurk will investigate as you get near. Take note of this specific crate for later on, in this level. Continue up, by heading behind the billboard. Use the crates, an ample amount of walkways, and beams to elevate.
    4. When you get near the top, you’ll need to get atop the vent shaft that spans across the entire room. There’s a body in a small alcove that houses the RUNE. After grabbing it, move along the vent shaft high above to the next room. Blink to the small gap above that links the two rooms, and Lurk will mention an interrogation room in the meat locker.
    5. Peer down and you’ll see a gigantic, intricate pulley system. Below that is a whale carcass. You can move down slowly using blink to descend. When you get closer to the whale carcass, there will be two butchers patrolling the area. Take them out stealthily, then grab the BONE CHARM right next to the whale carcass. Head toward the part of the room with a narrow metal walkway above.
    6. Head underneath the walkway, into the next room (Meat Packing & Shipping) past the conveyor belt. When you enter the room, there are two garbage chutes on the left. Hop in, enter the small tunnel, then grab the RUNE by the sewer grate. Now head back out the way you came. Hop onto the metal walkway in front of the whale carcass, then head into the room labeled “Canteen”. There’s a guard patrolling the area that hangs out by a ledge, so take him out.
    7. Below the Canteen room is a BONE CHARM. Head out to the ledge, then drop down onto the hallway. Enter the double doors under the ledge (The Killing Floor). Loot the place then use Void Gaze to pinpoint the BONE CHARM. It’s above one of the dirty bathroom stalls.
    8. Head back to the Canteen. Move over the ledge again, but this time move down the hallway using the pipes hugging the wall, toward the small walkway connecting two rooms. When you hop on the walkway, you’ll be in the Slaughterhouse Offices. To the left is the control room, which overlooks a dying whale. To the right is Rothwild in the flesh.
    9. There’s a room next to the control room, a lavish office. There’s a BONE CHARM inside the safe, which is accessible if you grabbed the safe code favor at the start of the mission. Leave the office, through the door, in the direction of the dying whale.
    10. There’s a staircase that leads down from the mouth of the whale. Blink down to grab the RUNE by the table, then blink back up to the office. Head toward the metal walkway, then confront Rothwild as he’s talking to Abigail Ames. A cut-scene will begin. From here you can grab Rothwild or kill him and get info from Abigail.
    11. When it ends, Rothwild will run away. Follow him until he gets to the blue doors. He’ll alert guards, but he’ll eventually come back up the stairs. Wait for the guards to go back to their usual patrol patterns, then nab Rothwild by carrying him. Remember the area with the two garbage chutes, where one of the runes was grabbed? Head there.
    12. Once you enter the area again, look for the room marked “Meat Locker”. Enter it, then head to the Interrogation Room. Place Rothwild in the chair. Lurk will make sure you’re not disturbed.
    13. Keep using the lever until you get the information you need. You’ll then get a choice on how to get rid of Rothwild. Let’s go for low chaos. Grab his body, then head out of the door with the window on the left side. Look through the keyhole and wait for the two enemies to stop having their conversation in front of the conveyor belt. They’ll move left. Take this opportunity to head right and follow the hallway.
    14. This will lead back down to the room holding the cargo container with the wooden crates. Guess where we’re placing the body? Yup, the empty crate above the container. Once Rothwild is inside, leave through the main entrance.
    15. From here, back outside, back track all the way to that alley with the spotlight. Lurk will be captured by overseers. Take out the overseers, then meet up with Lurk on the rooftops. Follow her until you both get back to the insertion point. Talk to Lurk to head to the next mission.

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