Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Guide

  • Part 1: Prologue
  • Part 2: Rothwild Slaughterhouse (Outside)
  • Part 3: The Rothwild Slaughterhouse
  • Part 4: The Legal District
  • Part 5: The Surge
  • Part 4: The Legal District

    1. Before the mission begins, stock up on whatever you need, upgrade anything you want, and grab some favors, especially the RUNE drop-off before you head out. When the mission proper starts, you’ll be in a sewer with Lurk choking out an enemy.
    2. Lurk lets you know that Thalia will be waiting for you in Treaver’s Close, which is identifiable by three whitewashed skulls. Leave the sewer into the open air. Follow the path past the spotlight, then head up the stone stairway. Blink up to the makeshift canopy before you reach the stairs with the wooden boxes at the top. This will give you a height advantage and a good place to survey your surroundings.
    3. When you get a better view of the area, there will be an elevated tram above, an outpost just in front of you, and turning left down the street, a wall of light that needs to be disabled. Going straight ahead on the street past the wall of light on the left, will lead to a metal wall, but you’ll be close to the rune that has been left for you.
    4. Before focusing on the wall of light, head toward the direction of the rune. Use the rooftops to hide yourself as you make your way across. There’s a protrusion on the wall facing seaside. Blink there, then hop down to grab the RUNE.
    5. As you make your way back up, hide behind the boxes that face the wall of light. You can rewire the wall inside the metal outpost if you have a tool. If you don’t, the only thing to do is to turn it off. Opposite the outpost are a stack of crates you can hide behind. The panel is right next to these boxes. Maneuver your way by blinking to the panel that powers the wall of light. Remove the oil, then time your blink to get through the wall of light without being seen.
    6. Head toward the tree where the spotlight is pointing. Head up the stairs. When you reach the top, move under the canopy toward Treaver’s Close. You’ll see Thalia getting harassed by hatters. Take out the lone hatter, then his crew of two when they arrive. When they’ve been disposed of, talk to Thalia. She’ll talk a bit about Delilah, but her main goal for you, is to get rid of her uncle. When the conversation is over, blink to the ledge over the whitewashed skulls.
    7. Head up the rooftop into the window. Careful of the tripwire. When you enter the room, loot the place, then exit from the other side. There’s a tripwire there too. Move down into the alleyway as you pass by the random tub on wooden planks. There’s a three story apartment building to the right that the hatters occupy.
    8. Take them out one by one. The key to get into the Legal District is on the second floor on top of the stove. After grabbing the key, head to the third floor. There’s a window that overlooks a long vent shaft below. Climb down, then drop to the balcony. The room inside houses a lot of loot and a BONE CHARM. Head back up the way you came from.
    9. When you enter through the window, to get back inside, head through the double doors on the left. It will lead to a balcony. Turning on Void Gaze, you’ll see a BONE CHARM directly ahead, but slightly elevated. Blink to the building across the street, then continue blinking up, using the vent shaft high above to reach a metal balcony. Open the door, to grab the BONE CHARM.
    10. Now follow the marker to the entrance to the Legal District. Looking off in the distance, to the road that leads to the district, there’s a crane that’s seaside. Climb down the chain, blink across the water into a room that houses a RUNE. Head back up down the road to the Legal District entrance.
    11. Take out both guards there, then get ready for an area transition.
    12. When you enter the area, Daud will ask Lurk to scout ahead to find out where Timsh is. She’ll also let you know about an equipment stash on a rooftop nearby. Head down the road to the spotlight. Jump on the crates, then blink to the balcony that’s above the spotlight. Enter the door, then grab the BONE CHARM on the chair. While, you’re at it, take out Roland on the first floor.
    13. Head back up to the second floor, then emerge from the balcony. Down below, you’ll see a wall of light. Blink on top of the rooftop to the left of the wall of light. The fancy balcony next to the wall of light contains the power source. Take it out so you won’t have to deal with it.
    14. Blink back to the rooftop you were on, then follow the upward incline to the window into an apartment. Grab the RUNE behind the painting, plus the key to Apartment 10 on the mattress next to the book. Next, head for the “Outpost” on top of the rooftop nearby. It’s behind the Hound Pits billboard.
    15. When you get there, loot the equipment, check out the maps, and grab the key to the Timsh basement. Okay, so from here, let’s get acquainted with the rest of the map. Up ahead, as you face forward, is the Timsh residence. To the left is Apartment 10, which can be accessed by a series of balconies via the apartment that contained the rune behind the painting.
    16. To the right, down below, underneath the stairways is a long alley, where a BONE CHARM can be found. The door that goes with the key to the Timsh basement can be found behind the Timsh residence. Also, once you make your way to Apartment 10, grab the RUNE there along with a shrine. The balcony outside of Apartment 10 is convenient because you can access the fourth floor of the Timsh estate here. He’s also on that floor.
    17. So there are options here. Take out Timsh on the fourth floor, to grab his key, as well as get access to the basement using the key, to stuff a rotten bag in the air circulator. It’s best to take out Timsh first, then work your way down. You can also access a dumb waiter from the basement, which leads to each of the four floors.
    18. The fourth floor also has Delilah there, but she’s essentially a talking statue. Talk to her, after taking out the guards in the room, then grab the RUNE in the room where Delilah is.
    19. Take out the guards on the third floor. It’s an office that has a hallway on the perimeter. Inside the office is a chest where a RUNE is. This chest can be opened after grabbing Timsh’s key.
    20. The last thing you need before messing with the air vents is Timsh’s mother’s will and testament. It’s on the first floor in a room right in front of the stairs that lead down. The piece of paper will be in a chest. Once you grab that, head back down to the basement, then use the air vent.
    21. As this happens, head back up to the fourth floor, then blink to Apartment 10. If you want to wait a bit, hang out by the balcony and look down at the front entrance of the residence to see Timsh get arrested. Head back inside Apartment 10, then access the door that leads back to the Waterfront.
    22. Follow Lurk across the rooftops. You’ll be back at the start with the first wall of light that you came across. Thalia will be near the sewer entrance where you emerged from. When you get past the wall of light, head back to the protrusion on the stone wall facing the water. Jump in the water, then swim toward Thalia.
    23. Chat her up, then head back the way you came. Lurk will have a conversation with you. Tell her when you’re ready to go to end the mission.

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