Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Guide

  • Part 1: Prologue
  • Part 2: Rothwild Slaughterhouse (Outside)
  • Part 3: The Rothwild Slaughterhouse
  • Part 4: The Legal District
  • Part 5: The Surge
  • Part 5: The Surge

    1. The Overseers have taken over Daud’s base. This level is reused from Dishonored’s campaign, but of course the objectives are different. You begin in a sewer that’s illuminated in a green glow. Open the gate, and Lurk will immediately meet up with you and tell you about the situation. Collect some gear on the blue tarp, then follow the room to the dangling chain above.
    2. The building that you’re in, Daud’s Headquarters, consists of the basement and five more floors up above. You’ll quickly notice that Hume, your target, is on the top most floor of the building you’re occupying. Even though he’s close, we’ll save him for last. In the meantime, we’ll release your captured assassins that are scattered about the level. There are four in total.
    3. To get your bearings on the level, climb up the chain to the third floor, then look out the window. You’ll see another building up ahead with the walls in shambles. There’s a BONE CHARM up ahead, stored in cabinet that needs to be opened along with one of your assassin’s on the top floor. We’ll call this South.
    4. To your back, which we’ll call North, is a set of buildings that uses a makeshift system of rusty, metal ramps to get around. Northwest and Southwest are alleyways, on the ground floor, where two assassins are being held. One in each area. Lastly, heading east inside Daud’s HQ, on the fourth floor, is the fourth assassin that needs to be released. Runes and Bone Charms will be located as we go along.
    5. It should also be noted that there are a lot of enemies here, but the ones that you really need to focus on taking care of first are the ones holding the instruments that take away your powers.
    6. So since, we’re in Daud’s HQ first, let’s head to the fourth floor to get the first assasssin released. When you reach the fourth floor via chain, there’s a long stretch of hallway with multiple enemies patrolling the area. There are desks and bookshelves on the right side.
    7. The three overseers will patrol in a way that you can grab them one by one. Once they’ve been dispatched, head down the hall, where the bright spotlight is illuminating the assassin. There are three enemies here guarding the assassin, including one that can disable your powers. Summon an assassin for help, then when they are neutralized, untie the binds to free the assassin. That’s one. Don’t forget to grab the BONE CHARM in the room.
    8. Next up, head for the northside where the rusty system of ramps are, that interconnect the buildings. On the fourth floor you can slip out the window. Blink to the top most room with one of the brick walls missing, then blink to its highest point to get a view of your surroundings. Hang out here for a while, as you methodically take out the enemies one by one. Watch their patterns, then strike when they’re alone.
    9. Looking out on the West side, there’s a BONE CHARM on one of the platforms that juts out like a plank with a dead assassin. Facing north, there’s a RUNE on a table surrounded by a set of stairs that wrap around the room.
    10. Take the stairs up from this room and follow the path Northwest as you follow the ramps to another room. This room leads to a door with a balcony overhanging the Northwest alleyway. From here you can see your fellow assassin being held. Save him, then untie his binds. That’s two.
    11. Head Southwest using the rooftops. In the Southwest alleyway there will be two enemies guarding another assassin under a bright spotlight next to a pillar. Take them out how you see fit, then free another of your crew. That’s three.
    12. Now head back to the third floor of Daud’s HQ. It’s time to free the last assassin that’s on top of the adjacent building to the South. From the window, blink to the cabinet to grab the BONE CHARM, then blink back to the window where you just blinked from. You’ll see parts of the wall on the left side, broken. In quick succession, blink on top of the broken wall, quickly blink to the fourth floor, then to a platform above the enemies right next to a fireplace.
    13. You can hide here on this top most floor of the building adjacent to Daud’s HQ. Take out the enemies, then free the fourth and final assassin. So from here, it’s time to take out Hume. Staying on this floor, you’ll notice there’s a balcony as you face north, to Daud’s HQ. This leads to the top most floor. However, there’s a hole on the wall above the balcony that’s better suited to sneak in from.
    14. Moving through this hole will lead to a metal walkway. Below it, is Daud’s office where Hume is kindly standing still. There are enemies that patrol this room, even walking across this metal walkway just to be thorough. Take them out one by one until all are dead or unconscious. After the coast is clear and Hume is the only one left, take him out, then grab the RUNE in the room.
    15. The last thing to do now is to head North to the series of buildings where the metal ramps are, and meet up with your fellow assassins that you just freed. They’re right in the center. A cut-scene will ensue and Lurk will ask whether you want to capture them or kill them all. Make your choice.
    16. Afterward, Delilah will appear and Lurk will come forth saying she was the one that gave information about the whereabouts of the hidden base. From here you can kill Lurk or spare her. It ends on a cliffhanger with the Brigmore Witches making their presence known. Congratulations! You just beat Dishonored’s DLC, The Knife of Dunwall!

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