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Table of Contents

Flooded District

  1. When you reach the Hound Pits Pub, it’s time to celebrate. Entering the pub, Emily will greet you and everyone will be holding drinks. You’ll chat with Havelock, Martin and Pendleton. After you take the drink, you’ll notice that the screen will start to wave and start getting fuzzy. We know where this is going.
  2. Head back up to your bedroom and before you even get a chance to get into bed, you collapse and find out that Martin, Havelock and Pendleton have set you up. Fortunately, Samuel, who poisoned you, only put in half the dose. He sends you on a boat floating your body down the Flooded District.
  3. As you wake, you’ll get taken by the man who killed the Empress, along with his bodyguards. He’ll take your stuff and throw it down below inside a building and promptly knock you out afterwards. When you wake again, you’ll be inside a makeshift prison cell. Grab the bricks and start throwing them at the planks above to break them.
  4. Head up the stairwell and you’ll see two guards ahead. These aren’t your normal guards, however, they are Daud’s men. They’ll blink at a moments instance and their awareness is much high than the normal city watch guards you’ve been sneaking past. In any case, take them out, then leave the building toward the balcony.
  5. Drop down into the water, then turn right to get your feet on drier ground. So, you have an option here. You can grab your gear before you go to Daud or just immediately head to Daud. While it’s optional to grab your gear, you definitely need your gear back, so Daud can wait.
  6. Follow the planks along the water. You’ll reach a bridge. Climb the chain that’s dangling from a building alongside the bridge. It will be on the left side. After you climb the chain, blink to the rooftops, opposite Daud’s base. Hop onto the building in the water closest to your gear marker. There’s a BONE CHARM (1/8) inside on top of a stove. Afterward, exit the building, then make your way down the stairs.
  7. Make your way past the weepers, then enter the door to the Greaves refinery where your gear is located. After entering the new area, make your way up the collapsed floor. When you exit through the hole in the wall, you’ll see the sign for the Greaves Oil Company. You’ll also see the logo for the company on the side of the building in the distance. That’s where you’ll need to go.
  8. Head right and climb on top of the vents to make your way over the fence to where the Greaves Oil building is. When you make it over, equip the heart to find the RUNE (1/5). It will be close to the water where the reeds are. When you drop however, watch out for the poisonous spores that throw projectiles your way.
  9. To get inside the Oil Building, head toward the side of the building that faces the water. Blink onto the broken wall, then look toward the building with the metal supports next to the rocks. You’ll also notice a broken walkway. You can blink to the beam support right underneath the broken walkway. Then when you’re on to the beam, lean to the right, then blink onto the railing of the broken walkway.
  10. From there, look up and grab onto the chain. Follow walkway, then the pipes to the front of the building. You’ll see three of Daud’s guards talk about you, then disappear. Enter the building. The bridge is currently up. You have to bring it down. Walk to the right and you’ll see a whale oil dispenser. Move past that then direct your attention to the emtpy whale oil canisters. Break the wood above the metal gate where the canisters are, grab an empty canister, then place it in the whale oil dispenser. Place the filled canister in the panel to drop the bridge.
  11. Make your way to the bottom using the walkways and the chains. Don’t forget to grab the BONE CHARM (2/8) as well. When you have your gear, make your way back up, then backtrack to the area where you first emerged. You’ll notice that a marker for Daud’s place has appeared, so you don’t have to go all the way back. Head toward that marker, then enter the door.
  12. Upon entering the door, you’ll see a lot of dead overseers. Head up the staircase. Turn the crank to open the gate, then cross the bridge to get to Daud’s place. Careful of the guard above the canopy over the bridge.
  13. After you pass the bridge, head down the stairs and you’ll be in an open area with a tree in the middle, along with Daud’s guards patrolling the place. Look to your left and you’ll see an air duct you can traverse over. Follow the air duct. It will wrap around the left side of this area. Blink to the room above to grab the rail station key, then continue your way to Daud’s base. Your last stop before heading inside is the rooftop with the candles. When it’s clear, blink to the front door, then enter it.
  14. Head for the stairs where the soft orange glow of the candles are. Grab the loot from the transport, including a blueprint, “Combustion Refinement”. When you turn left you’ll see a makeshift bridge system above the water, along with a statue of a woman in the distance. You’ll also notice the marker to Daud’s base through a window.
  15. Drop into the water and swim the length of the canal. Emerge from the other side. When you get back on dry land, you’ll notice metal beams propping up the building on the right side. Keep heading down this alley and take out the Hound. When you reach the end of the alley, grab another BONE CHARM (3/8).
  16. Turn back around. There’s another hound that moves around in the area, so take care of it. When that’s done, look up and to the right. You’ll see more makeshift bridges made out of wood circling around the crumbling buildings. Blink to the lamp post attached to the side of the building, then take out two more hounds when you reach the top.
  17. Make your way up the crumbling walls and take out some more of Daud’s guards. They’ll be patrolling along the wooden planks. When it’s clear, follow the planks to the window that leads to Daud’s lair.
  18. After entering the building through the window, you’ll see two enemies talking down the hallway. Wait for them to disperse in the room full of cabinets, then take them out one at a time. You’ll also notice a pair of glass doors you can’t enter just yet, since you need Daud’s key.
  19. Follow the hallway down. You’ll reach a room with four busts and a spotlight. Near the spotlight is a window. Head through the window and blink up to the next window. Take out the lone guard in the room, then move past the room. Up ahead, you will see Daud in his office through some glass doors. Use the door that’s closest to the stairs, then head up the stairs without being seen.
  20. Daud won’t move, but his guards will start patrolling after the conversation. Use this opportunity to take out the patrolling guards before taking on Daud. Use the platform above Daud’s office as a sort of fall back position everytime you take out a guard. When the guards are down, either kill Daud or choke him until he passes out. Grab Daud’s key.
  21. Now remember those locked doors that needed Daud’s key? It’s time to head there. When you open the door, use the chain to climb down. When you reach the bottom, grab the RUNE (2/5), then the incandescent paste blueprint. Follow the lanterns, then head down to the Gateward Tunnel.
  22. When you emerge from the tunnel, make a right to grab a BONE CHARM (4/8). Careful of the rats. Now turn around and use the skeleton of the ship on the left side to make your way up. You’ll reach a bridge to climb, where a RUNE will be nearby
  23. Blink to the balcony into the apartment buildings. Head out the window and up the ramp. You’ll meet a survivor, who isn’t trying to kill you. The door where she is, is jammed. To get to the rooftop, approach the window of her apartment, then look up. There’s another window to blink up to. You’ll fall onto some rubble. Head up the rubble, then take the stairs up.
  24. Exit the apartment by using the vents after the open doorway. You’ll reach the rooftop where the RUNE (3/5) is located, atop a mattress. On top of the balcony, you’ll be above a tram, where a transport dumps bodies into the flooded district. The tram leads to the exit.
  25. When the transport arrives, blink on top of it and take a ride when it goes back. Hop off of it right before it reaches the wall of light. If you timed it right, you’ll be on the balcony, where the power to the wall of light is. If not, you can still get to balcony by blinking to it, but you’ll have to watch out for the tallboys. Take out the whale oil canister, then blink to the doorway past the wall of light. Drop down to travel to the Old Port District through the door.
  26. Move forward, then turn right into the alley. A spotlight will be shining on the walls ahead. Head up the staircase, then make a left through the doorway with the light shining from it. Move up the ramp, then enter the room to grab the BONE CHARM (5/8). Continue up the building, walking over the rubble. Exit through the window by dropping down, then head for the sewer entrance marker. Turn the crank to get inside.
  27. Follow the pipes on the right side, then head down the stairs. You’ll see a spotlight ahead. Talk to the fellow who looks injured. He says that you won’t be able to get the gate open without a key. Only Slackjaw has the key and he was taken by someone who controlled rats. Yay. Look for the red pipe and follow it. You’ll sneak through the gate above.
  28. Follow the path down. Careful of the spores. Keep heading down. We’ll skip the BONE CHARM for now inside the safe. Dive into the water. There’s an opening for air right before you reach the area you emerge from. Swim back down and swim a bit more to reach the exit. Climb the stairs, then open the metal gate. You’ll see Granny Rags, plus Slackjaw who is being kept prisoner.
  29. You’ll have to make a choice here. Help Granny Rags kill Slackjaw, or help Slackjaw escape. In this instance I helped Slackjaw. Once you attack Granny, she’ll disappear and a fog will cover the area. Slackjaw will tell you of a cameo of a young girl. It needs to be burned inside the furnace to make Granny vulnerable.
  30. Head up the stairs to where the furnace is. Grab the cameo from the bed near the pillows. Open the furnace, then place the cameo inside. Turn the furnace back on again. Head back out and you can take care of Granny Rags. Free Slackjaw and he’ll give you cash. Head back up to the furnace, then open the door that was previously locked. Now that you have the key you can open it.
  31. Enter the room and loot the place. Head up the stairs to the Outsider Shrine to grab a RUNE (4/5). Now head back down and break the planks over the open pipe. When you’ve cleared the way, jump in and the water ride will take you to where the thug was in front of the locked gate. Unlock the gate, then head inside.
  32. You’ll see survivors up ahead. Careful of the spores. Grab the RUNE (5/5) down below, then exit through the tunnel past the staircase. Break the planks to get through the tunnel. As you reach the next area, kill the spores, then head down into the water to grab a BONE CHARM (6/8).
  33. Keep moving through by breaking more planks and blinking over broken walkways. Hop over the broken staircase to reach the sewer exit, thus ending the Flooded District level.

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This is a good walkthrough except that Return to the Tower doesn’t have all the Runes or Bone Charms and in the Flooded District, there is a much simpler way to get in the building for your gear.

Kevin Thielenhaus

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Thanks for the feedback! If you need more help, you can find all the Dishonored collectibles with the Rune and Bone Charm collectible guides, found on Game Front’s Dishonored Cheats page.


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