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Table of Contents

The Light at the End

  1. Samuel will drop you off by the rocks of Kingsparrow Island. There are two ways to get in, the harbor-side entrance or the beach-side entrance. We’ll head for the harbor-side entrance, so head left.
  2. You’ll come upon a dock and a structure behind it with cranes propped on top of the structure. Get in the water and swim past the dock and to the rocks on the side of the metallic structure. You should see a sign close by that says “A Pier” painted on a wall. Climb up the rocks a bit to sneak your way right under the top most platform.
  3. Look for the sign that says “Maintenance Access”. It will open the hatch. Climb up the hatch, but be mindful of the guards that patrol the area, plus the tower in the distance. If you look around you’ll see some rats and vent they can crawl into. Possess the rat, then head into the vent.
  4. On the other side, you’ll be behind the wall of light. Emerge from the rat, then look at the platform on top, across from the wall of light. Blink to it. When you reach the top, head left to the “Lifeboat Access” area. Enter the area. Wait for the guards to stop talking. Grab the guard fiddling with the panel, then the one that’s about to head up the stairs.
  5. Wait by the stairs a bit, there’s a watch officer that will come down. Take care of him after he stops leaning against the railing. Wait for him to walk up the stairs, then choke him out. Follow the stairs up. A new set of stairs will lead outside. Climb up the stairs about halfway up, then turn around and look up. There’s a doorway above. It leads to the control panel to turn off a wall of light. You’ll also need to pass by this wall of light.
  6. Take out the guard inside the control room, then re-wire the wall of light to let yourself through. Take the other door as you exit. You’ll now be walking along the walls of this fort. Maneuver your way, so that you’ll be able to blink down in front of the wall of light to head through it.
  7. Once past the wall of light, take the stairwell up. There’s also a chain in the middle of the stairwell that will lead you up a more direct way. However, it’s best to take the stairs since there will be loot and a key to grab. The first person to take out as you ascend the staircase is a city watch officer. Grab the “elevator key” by the panel, then continue up.
  8. There will be another guard reading a book, while a second one will be above him leaning against the railing getting a good view. Take out the one getting a good view, then the one reading. Keep moving up the staircase until you reach the top.
  9. Ahead will be an overseer and an arc pylon. You can bypass this by looking up. You can blink up to sneak along the suspensions above the arc pylon. Make your way across until you reach the elevator.
  10. Use the “elevator key” to open the elevator, then use the lever to get to the top.
  11. When you reach the top, follow the staircase and the walkways. You’ll need to contend with three guards up here. The first one will have his back turned, so he can easily be choked out. The second one can be choked, but you’ll need to wait for the third one to move away. When the second one is gone, wait for the third guard to head up the stairs, then take care of him.
  12. After you pass by the “Halt” sign, turn left into a lavishly decorated palace complete with winding staircase, checkered floor and shiny statue. Head up the winding staircase. When you reach the top, blink to the shelves on the right side, then continue up to sneak above.
  13. You’ll see Admiral Havelock talking to himself. Apparently, he’s poisoned both Pendleton and Martin. From here’s sneak behind Havelock and either kill him or knock him out. Once you do so, you’ll see Emily’s door key on a stand next to the fireplace.
  14. Unlock the door and Emily will hug you. Congratulations! You’ve just beaten Dishonored! Based on your choices in the game, you’ll see a different ending.

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On October 14, 2012 at 9:26 am

Hate steam!! my first time with it.
But the big question is there a “Pause”?


On October 21, 2012 at 5:39 am

This is a good walkthrough except that Return to the Tower doesn’t have all the Runes or Bone Charms and in the Flooded District, there is a much simpler way to get in the building for your gear.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On October 23, 2012 at 3:41 pm


Thanks for the feedback! If you need more help, you can find all the Dishonored collectibles with the Rune and Bone Charm collectible guides, found on Game Front’s Dishonored Cheats page.


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