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Table of Contents

Coldridge Prison

  1. As Corvo wakes up in the dank prison cell, one of the guards tells Corvo that there’s food for him. Walk over to the tray, then press “F” to eat. After eating the piece of bread, you’ll notice that there’s a note and a key. Someone’s looking out for you.
  2. Use the key to open your cell and immediately grab the City Watch sword in front of you on the table. Head for the gate where the guards are talking. One of them will have his back turned to you by the doorway. As you approach you can do two things. To kill him press the “Right Mouse Button”. To do a non-lethal takedown, press and hold “Left CTRL”.
  3. Keep in mind that using stealth as well as the non-lethal approach will affect the final outcome of the game in the long run. In the short run, there will be fewer rats, weepers and people will react more favorably. Taken straight from the tutorial.
  4. Make your choice and take out the guard however you wish. You can press “F” to loot his body. To carry his body and move him somewhere from prying eyes, hold “F”.
  5. Check out the guards’ patrols in the room. One will turn his back while the other walks away and comes back. Time your takedowns, then follow the white arrow to the next room. To the left, you’ll see a red-tinted “Health Elixir” underneath a sword and pistol rack. Grab the pistol. To use a potion, press “R”.
  6. Head through the doorway passing by the “Whale Oil Tax” sheet hanging on the wall. You’ll notice the ledge ahead has been marked red. You can climb this. Simply hold “Space” to climb up these ledges.
  7. When you reach the top, grab the two elixirs. One on the shelf directly in front of you, and another, under another weapon rack. Grab some gold coins while you’re at it. Some next to the elixirs and another on top of a control panel.
  8. Head for the door. Hold “F” to look through the keyhole. You’ll see a guard run from left to right. It’s now safe to open the door. After exiting the door, head left to the sign that says “Yard”. You’ll need to access this room. Unfortunately, you don’t have a key. Once you access the locked door however, a white arrow will appear, revealing a guard who houses the key.
  9. Take him out when you get close, then nab the key from him. Head back up to the Yard gate, then sneak down the walkway. When you reach the end of the walkway, head down the stairs on the left, then open the door to the interrogation room. You can’t miss it. It’s inbetween the fancy red drapes, not to mention a huge bust above.
  10. Once in the room, grab the explosives in the back. They are located inside a safe. Exit out the way you came. You’ll notice a guard open a gate down to the Yard. As you head down the steps, you’ll be notified that you can lean, left or right, to survey the surroundings, but keep concealment. Do this by pressing “Q” or “E”.
  11. There will be two guards in the yard. If you notice, there are many objects you can use to conceal yourself as you make it toward the staircase across the yard. Take out the guards if you like, or not. Once you’re done, head for the stairs toward the “Control Room Hallway”.
  12. When you reach the top of the stairs, on the left is a guard inside a room with glass windows, and another guard is making his paces up and down the long stretch of hallway. Careful of the guard inside the room. Wait for him to face away from you, then head right behind the barriers. Don’t worry about the guard behind the bars. He won’t notice you, at least not in this case.
  13. Also, take note of the red pipes on the right hand side. When you reach the second barrier, you can climb the ledge (right where the red light is), then the pipes, so you can simply climb over the closed gate ahead.
  14. As you pass over the gate, two guards will be in this room, but you’re high above. You can take out enemies by dropping on them, only this time, you’ll need to drop, then press the “Right Mouse Button” right before you land. After taking out both of the guards, head to the desk with lamp. Opposite that is a shelf where an elixir, and ammo await. Now plant the bomb on the door. If you’re curious, the lever opens the gate behind you.
  15. Step away from the bomb, then when the doors are busted open, run through. The gate in front will raise up. Jump down into the water. Head toward the white marker. As you emerge from the water, enter the gate to the sewer and continue down the corridor to the blue sewer gate.
  16. You’ll now be in the Dunwall Sewers. Follow the path ahead, following the pipes on the right, then open the door.
  17. Read the note on the crate marked “XII”, then climb the boxes to make it over the locked door. A stash of hidden weapons will be coming up soon.
  18. Sneak along the path above as you crouch along the metal bars. Head toward the red light ahead. Looking down, a set of double doors are down a below. A large group of rats will open the door and immediately attack the guards until they are pretty much dust.
  19. Continue through the narrow walkway and drop down. Head for the doorway. You’ll reach a tunnel and you’ll see another group of rats scurry along, from left to right. Follow them, but don’t get too close or they’ll attack you. Keep moving down the tunnel, then drop into the water where the archway is submerged.
  20. Swim under, then ascend to the next area. If you notice, there’s a dead couple across a wooden plank, in a lover’s embrace. Read the journal next to them, “Damien’s Journal”. It will be saved in your journal.
  21. Head up the stairs and you’ll see a huge crank wheel with a corpse hanging from it. Move the corpse, then turn the wheel to open the red gate ahead. Head through the gate.
  22. Walk up the wooden ramp, then continue underneath the drainage pipe. You’ll enter a larger room with a pipe up top, that apparently disposes of bodies. A group of rats will also be here, next to a wheel you need to crank.
  23. Grab a body to entice the rats into devouring it, but make sure it’s away from the wheel. This will give you time to turn it. After the gate is open, head through, then make a right. You’ll hear an announcement about Corvo.
  24. Head right up the stairs, past the foliage. There’s a chain that’s hanging down. Press “F” on the chain to climb it. When you reach the top, press “Space” to jump across. On the right hand side, you’ll notice a hallway, but it’s booby trapped. You can trigger the wire. I actually got hurt doing it, but you’re not hurt much. Grab the stuff inside.
  25. Now head back out and make a right, but not up the stairway. Walk along the metal beam, onto the drainage pipe, then over the hand rail. You’ll see a pile of dead bodies near a suitcase, the hidden stash. Open it for a key, a new blade and a crossbow.
  26. You can now access the “Quick Access Wheel” by pressing the “Middle Mouse Button”. Alternatively you can also set each item in the wheel to the 1 – 0 slots on the keyboard.
  27. Now open the door with the key as you head for Samuel. You’ll encounter a tripwire. You can slide underneath by sprinting, then pressing “C” to slide. Walk across the wooden planks, then make a left. Hop over the box, then over the brick wall.
  28. When you reach the top, grab the elixir ahead. You’ll see enemies below. Drop down to the next level, then drop down on the rock. Take out the enemy below as you drop.
  29. Follow the path ahead that turns left. Walk over the wooden planks, then along the rocks to the pipes. You can sneak past the enemies using this path or if you want, you can kill them.
  30. Drop down, then head for the tunnel with the bright shining, white light ahead. Keep following it. Above you’ll see a sort of tram. Keep moving through the foliage. You’ll soon see daylight with Samuel down below with a boat.
  31. Talk to him and he’ll take you to meet the people who freed you.

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Hate steam!! my first time with it.
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On October 21, 2012 at 5:39 am

This is a good walkthrough except that Return to the Tower doesn’t have all the Runes or Bone Charms and in the Flooded District, there is a much simpler way to get in the building for your gear.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On October 23, 2012 at 3:41 pm


Thanks for the feedback! If you need more help, you can find all the Dishonored collectibles with the Rune and Bone Charm collectible guides, found on Game Front’s Dishonored Cheats page.


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