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Table of Contents

Return to the Tower

  1. Upon docking at the Hound Pits Pub, Samuel directs you to Pendleton. You’ll have a chat about the previous mission, then he leads you on your way to Martin and Havelock. Before you chat with the duo, head upstairs to Corvo’s room to grab a RUNE with a note left with it.
  2. Talking to Martin and Havelock, they say that the time has come to take out the Lord Regent. This means that Corvo must return to Dunwall Tower. After they’ve given you the mission, head to Piero to gear up. When you’ve prepared, walk down to Samuel and he’ll send you on your way.
  3. Samuel will drop you off at the docking station, so you’ll need to climb up some platforms before you reach some level ground. There’s a BONE CHARM (1/2) to grab on your way up next to a corpse.
  4. You’re close to the top when you reach the metal balcony across from the spinning wheels. Enter the door. There’s an arc pylon in the next room. Quickly blink to the left side, following the cord from the pylon. Rewire the turret via the panel, or switch it off.
  5. Climb the stairs, then exit through the door ahead. Take out the guard that patrols this area as you continue climbing up. You’ll be walking across the tower walls now. Head through the entrance to the top of the docking station, then blink on top of the light fixtures above.
  6. Follow the light fixtures on the right side of the room. There will be a doorway on the right hand side along with a patrolling guard. When it’s clear, leave through the doorway. You’ll be on a balcony overlooking the length of Dunwall Tower’s right side.
  7. From the balcony, head toward the platform with the whale oil inserted inside a panel. This will turn off the wall of light, however, you won’t even need to move through the wall of light. Look to your right and you’ll see a metal wall with barbed wire along it’s side. You can blink on top of it to continue your path along the right side of the tower. Eventually, by following the wall, you’ll see “Coldridge Prison”.
  8. Across from the prison are a set of stairs. A guard will patrol there. Take him out first, equip the heart, head up the stairs the guard went down, then enter the barracks on the right side, which houses a RUNE (1/4). Careful of the turret tower.
  9. Exit the barracks through the open doorway. It will lead to a set of stairs. Take out the guard patrolling the stairs. From here you’re fairly close to the Dunwall Tower marker. Keep moving up the stairs and you’ll see another guard on the top most platform. Take him out on the top most platform, then blink to the ledge of the white-stone building in front of you.
  10. Follow the ledge and you’ll soon see a vent bathed in red light on the inside. This will lead to the Dunwall Tower Foyer. You’re now inside Dunwall Tower and closer to the Lord Regent.
  11. Inside, you’ll be on a ledge overlooking a lot of chandeliers above. Your goal is to get past the wall of light directly in front of you. Blink to the chandeliers to get closer to the wall of light. Also if you notice, the banners hanging down from the balcony above, belong to the Lord Regent.
  12. When you’re practically on top of the wall of light by hiding atop a chandilier, you’ll notice an alarm. If you time it right, you can blink down, re-wire the alarm, then blink to a chandelier again. Sometimes, this will distract the guard a bit to move away from his position away from the door that houses the power source for the wall of light. Any way you do it, you must get inside the room and just for fun, re-wire the wall of light.
  13. Now head through the wall of of light, then blink to the ledges above along the walls. When you reach the “T” intersection of the hallway, make a right. A guard will patrol down this part of the hallway. He’ll be close to the door you need to enter. There will also be a guard that will carry a whale oil canister that walks through the door.
  14. Upon entering the door, a guard patrols this hallway as well. Look up and blink to the top of the pipes that spread across the hallway. Make a right along the hallway, then head downstairs. You’ll hear about the Torturer. Head back up, blink on top of the pipes again, then follow the hallway down to the Torturer. The entrance to his lair is at the end of the hallway.
  15. Climb down to the basement. You’ll see him beating a corpse. Watch out for the hound here. Put the hound to sleep, then take out the Torturer. For some reason he’s not affected by sleep darts. Now grab the RUNE (2/4) to access the Outsider Shrine.
  16. Exit the torture chamber. You’ll be back in the hallway with the pipes along the top. Instead of backtracking down the hallway, take the door ahead. You’ll pass by a display case on the left. You’ll reach another door into a small hallway, and then another door after that.
  17. Open it. The floor will be checkered. Up ahead you’ll see a pair of glass doors with a hound inside. Get close to the door when the hound is farthest away from the doors. Get your sleep darts ready. There’s also an Overseer inside. When they’re down, look up and blink to the chandelier, then blink up another level to reach the next floor.
  18. Careful of the patrols on this level. When it’s clear, blink up to the chandeliers above. Keep blinking from chandelier to chandelier, until you reach the wall of light. Across the wall of light are the double doors that lead to the Lord Regent, with a lone guard in front.
  19. To reach the Lord Regent, there are three ways. Through the front doors, or to each of the glass doors on either side of the double doors. Take the glass doors to the left of the guard who is facing the wall of light. Take out a patrolling guard once you make it inside.
  20. Enter the piano room and immediately blink to the chandelier above. Take out the guard below, then head for the fireplace. Grab the Solokov painting (1/1) above the mantle. The fireplace is actually used for two rooms. The piano room and the Lord Regent’s room.
  21. You can actually move through the fireplace to the Lord Regent’s room. Just make sure you use a health elixir. Wait for the Lord Regent to hang out on the balcony, then move ahead. You can hide under the table directly in front of the fireplace.
  22. Wait for him to come back, then choke him out or kill him. If you choke him out, there’s another task you must do. When he’s unconscious, open his chest to grab a RUNE (3/4). Just for fun, read the note on the table. If you signed the guestbook at Lady Boyle’s party, it will be mentioned.
  23. Leave the room, toward the “Broadcast Station” marker. When you reach the stairwell, there’s an arc pylon in the middle. What you can do here is blink behind the supports to avoid the pylon from spotting you, then head down the stairwell to re-wire it or turn it off. From the bottom, head all the way up to the broadcast booth.
  24. Talk to the broadcaster and he’ll tell you to go back to the Lord Regent’s room and open the safe to play the audiograph with incriminating evidence against him. Head back down and open the safe. In this instance the number combination to open the safe is 9-3-5.
  25. Head back up to the broadcast booth with the audiograph, then insert it in the control panel. This will eliminate the Lord Regent. It’s now time to exit. Head back down the stairwell, then exit through the doorway where the arc pylon is. Careful of the three guards in the hallway. You’re in the foyer here, so move from chandelier to chandelier until you reach the vent that you came in from.
  26. Exit the vent, then backtrack all the way back to Samuel. Move along the walls, then the metal walls with the barbed wire, and then the balcony that leads to the dock. Move back down the dock, then dive into the water and hop on Samuel’s boat, ready to go back to the Hound Pits Pub.

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This is a good walkthrough except that Return to the Tower doesn’t have all the Runes or Bone Charms and in the Flooded District, there is a much simpler way to get in the building for your gear.

Kevin Thielenhaus

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Thanks for the feedback! If you need more help, you can find all the Dishonored collectibles with the Rune and Bone Charm collectible guides, found on Game Front’s Dishonored Cheats page.


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