Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Daud’s Base
  • A Stay of Execution for Lizzy (Coldridge Prison)
  • The Dead Eels (Draper’s Ward)
  • Delilah’s Masterwork (Brigmore Manor)

  • Coldridge Prison

    A Stay of Execution for Lizzy

    1. Once you begin the mission, you’ll be reminded of what favors are. For instance, some people might be able to help you by giving you extra equipment, but make sure to always grab the favors that reveal runes since that’s your way of upgrading.
    2. Once you’re done, you’ll be briefed on the situation. You’ll need to sneak in the prison the same way Corvo escaped, only this time, the water that Corvo jumped into has been drained. You’ll also have to deal with overseer music, which negates your powers.
    3. Exit from the sewer to the river bed. Once you’re outside, you won’t be able to use your powers. Notice the rocky path that leads up to the prison? Grab the RUNE that was laid down as a favor at the foot of path.
    4. Head up the path to do some rock climbing. You’ll see two guards talking on the right side, standing on a bridge. They won’t notice you. From here, jump or blink up along the wall to get to the top of the fence.
    5. Below you’ll see two guards. One is ordering the other to execute the prisoners. There are three prisoners in all. Hang around here a bit until all the prisoners have been executed. One will drop a RUNE.
    6. Silently take out the guards on the execution grounds. When you’re done, you can use the stairs to enter, or you can take the yellow pipes up to get a height advantage. In either case, don’t worry about the guy by the desk. Blink your way up above the metal gate and sneak along the pipes.
    7. Eliminate the guard patrolling by the control room. Once he’s out, hide his body, then grab the rewire tool inside. It’s in the corner closest to the pylon. Use the rewire tool on the box, in an adjacent room, that powers the pylon. Also don’t forget to grab the blueprints in this room, “Compact Arc Amplifier”.
    8. Once you’ve rewired, those two guards who were having a chat, won’t be having one anymore. Leave the control room, then look up along the pipes on the wall. Blink up to one of them, then stay up here. Take note of the vertical sign in the corner that says “Section”. Your goal is to get to pipe above that by blinking your way up.
    9. Once you’re there, you can blink to the next pipe that reveals an exit to the courtyard. Remember this path, but for now it’s time to locate Lizzy. You’ll notice that there’s a guard that patrols inside the prison, on the third floor, and stops at the balcony
    10. When his back is turned, blink to the railing, then knock him out. You’ll now be on the third floor where the prison cells are. You’ll also notice there’s a marker down below that says “Log Book”. This is to locate where Lizzy is, but since we’re already on the third floor, we don’t need to go down there.
    11. Continue along the walkway to cell “A20″. You can grab some stuff here, including an elixir. Follow the walkway down to the door. On the right, you’ll see Lizzy Stride. Now that you’ve found her, you need to get her out.
    12. The guard below you, on the second floor has a guard post key. Quickly knock him out, then grab his key. You can now open the doors inside the prison. Head back up the third floor and head through the doors past Lizzy to cell “D21″. Take note of this door, as there is a CORRUPTED BONE CHARM inside.
    13. Now head back the opposite way and blink to the pipe near the “Section” sign. Take out the guard directly below you, then his fellow guard that patrols around the courtyard. The control room you need to get into is above you, but you need to get through the door ahead, use the stairs, then follow the hallway to the control room.
    14. After you’ve taken out the guards and bypassed the pylon in the courtyard, head left before going inside to grab a BONE CHARM in the bushes. Now stay by the staircase and watch the patrols inside the room. You’ll need to head inside the room past the red banners on the wall. It’s the interrogation room Corvo was being held.
    15. Blink to the pillar on the left to avoid line of sight, then blink inside the room. Grab the RUNE and the ingots while you’re at it. There are also books, notes and an audiograph on the desk.
    16. Hang out by the doorway, then blink on top of the hanging light above. When the guard patrols to the left, along the walkway, get behind him, then knock him out.
    17. Enter the hallway toward the cell control system. There’s a note on how to use the control system on the left. Basically, you have three knobs. One for a letter and the other two are numbers. Since Lizzy is in cell “C28″, switch the knobs to match her cell number. Don’t forget to do “D21″ as well.
    18. Once you’ve opened both cells, you can blink to the pipe on the wall that leads to the pipes near the “Section” sign. From here, you can blink back up to the third floor walkway, grab the CORRUPTED RUNE, then free Lizzy.
    19. Once she’s freed, however, she’ll collapse and you’ll have to carry her. Take her back out the way you came from. Make sure to stay high along the pipes.
    20. When you reach the room with the gate guard, blink to the pipes across the room with the vertical sign that’s leaning on the pipes. When one of the guards walks to the bridge, sneak behind him, then make a right on the rocks.
    21. Make your way down back to the sewer entrance.

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