Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Daud’s Base
  • A Stay of Execution for Lizzy (Coldridge Prison)
  • The Dead Eels (Draper’s Ward)
  • Delilah’s Masterwork (Brigmore Manor)

  • Draper’s Ward

    The Dead Eels

    1. As Daud you’ll make your exit through a tunnel to Draper’s Ward. Up ahead, you’ll see two gangs fighting, the Dead Eels and the Hatters. When you get close to the exit, where all the makeshift barricades are, look up and to the left. You’ll see a canopy you can blink to, to get a view of the action from above. When one gang has won, drop down and take out any remaining foes to clear the way.
    2. From here, you’ll notice two markers, the Riverfront and the Textile Mill. You can only go to the Textile Mill after you’ve finished the Riverfront, but to make things a bit easier later, let’s take out any obstacles in this area before moving on.
    3. Let’s clear and explore this area first. Head toward the lovely sun soaked, red colored tree in the distance. You’ll come upon some metal barricades on the left as you move down the alley. It leads to the Textile Mill. There’s also a pylon in the way.
    4. Head inside and look up. You’ll see a glass archway above with a corrupted charm hanging on the end of it. Walk up the metal staircase to get some elevation, then use the vents to blink your way up to grab the CORRUPTED CHARM.
    5. Move to the street so that the canal is horizontal to you. Activate void gaze to locate the other runes and bone charms in the level. There’s a rune right in front, across the canal in the fourth story building colored red and blue. We’ll grab this later.
    6. You’ll also notice that a hidden rune is on the right side. To get it, you’ll need to drop down into the canal. As you head right, there are two hatters guarding a safe. Quickly put them to sleep, then grab the HIDDEN RUNE in the canal.
    7. Make your way across the canal to the the Dead Eels side. The building to the right of the blue and red colored building can be entered via the balcony on the second floor. The building has a “For Sale” sign on it. If you head up, you can find a merchant that will sell goods.
    8. From here, there’s a window that’s directly in front of an air shaft. Blink up to it, then keep climbing until you get to the roof. Once on the roof, look ahead of you and blink to the broken balcony on the side of the building
    9. Enter “The Dressmaker’s Studio”. Knock out the dressmaker, then grab the RUNE hanging on the wall. There’s also a note from Lady Boyle that you can read, talking about her costume ball.
    10. Head to alleyway behind these buildings. You can save a gang member being harassed by a hatter here. Make your choice then continue stealthily taking down opponents as you continue through the alleyway to the Riverfront.
    11. There’s an abandoned vault key here you can grab in the alleyway. It’s in a bush, opposite another bush next to some rocks. If you pass by the red door stopper toward the Riverfront, you’ve gone too far. This vault key opens the safe in the canal where the duo of hatters were stationed.
    12. Enter the door to the Riverfront.
    13. The Riverfront

    14. Upon entering, immediately, blink up to the pipe on the left side wall. Listen to the conversation below as you slowly move your way across the pipe. Blink to the room across the way using the balcony. Once you do, your buddy will notify you that Edgar Wakefield is on the Undine.
    15. Hop out the window and onto a rooftop. You’ll see the Undine ahead along with a huge throng of Dead Eels on the dockyard. Blink to the balcony with the mattress hung over the railing. Jump up to the roof to grab the CORRUPTED CHARM.
    16. Hop on the pipe and follow it as it turns along the wall. You’ll drop and your friend mentions that there’s a hatch underneath the Undine. Continue following the pipe along the left wall.
    17. Using void gaze, you’ll come upon a rune on the left side. Drop down onto the train car. There’s a tripwire that leads inside the room. Blink past it, take out the weeper inside, then grab the RUNE. Head back up the pipe, then continue along the pipe until you reach the water.
    18. Using void gaze once again, you’ll notice there’s another rune close to the one you just got. It’s inside the building next to the water with two patrolling guards out in front. Take out these guards. I’d prefer using the sleep darts.
    19. Head toward the building and use void gaze to zero in on the rune. Jump in the water. There’s an opening underneath the building. Swim through and head up. Grab the RUNE, then have a visit with The Outsider.
    20. Swim back out and use the pipes again to gain some elevation. Move along the pipes toward the Undine. Notice the boat next to the Undine? There’s a bone charm in the water. From the pipes you can actually blink your way to the water without being seen. Jump in and grab the BONE CHARM. Watch out for the fish.
    21. Get some oxygen, then dive back in. Head underneath the Undine. There’s a moon pool underneath. Swim up and do what you want with Edgar Wakefield. I kept him alive. From here it’s time to signal Lizzy that the job is done. You’ll need to get on the deck of the ship and use the ship’s horn.
    22. Knock out the crew aboard, then head up to the controls. Pull the cord to sound the horn. Lizzie will now be in control of The Dead Eels. You’ll be given safe passage. Talk to Lizzie after her speech. She has another task for you. To grab the engine coil from the Hatters. Lizzie will give you the password to the Textile Mill.
    23. Head back through Draper’s Ward, then bypass the pylon near the Textile Mill entrance. You’ll need to knock out two Hatters guarding the area. Use the password to enter the mill.
    24. Textile Mill

    25. As you head through the alley, jump on top of the vent shaft along the wall to your left. You’ll see two markers, the Rothwild Laborer and the Main Office. The Main Office is where the Geezer is.
    26. As you round the corner on top of the vent, you’ll see two Hatters talking. Looking slightly right, you’ll see a bone charm in an outhouse. Grab the BONE CHARM, then knock out the hatters if you like.
    27. As you explore the area, there’s a small office facing a wall of light. Take care of the hatter inside, as well as the rest in the surrounding area outside of the wall of light. Once that’s taken care of, head back to the out house. There’s a room inside that you can get into by breaking planks. Head inside and use the textile mill key on the door.
    28. From here, you can turn off the wall of light using the panel. Move through the hallway past the panel, then head into the room “Dry Storage” to have a chat with the Rothwild Laborer. Grab the RUNE, then have a chat. He says you need a combination to get into the engine room. Time to talk to Nurse Trimble.
    29. Leave the room then make a left up the staircase. Going down leads to the engine room. Continue moving up until you’re one floor above the “Manufacturing Floor”. Knock out the hatter watching the floor when you get up there. Also, you can check out the fourth floor to grab some blueprints, “Explosive Bolt”.
    30. From here, hop on top of the machines using blink until you can blink to the pipes along the wall across the room. Follow the pipes to the balcony, with a spotlight perched on it, that leads to the “Main Office. You’ll talk to Trimble. He’ll say that you need to start the water again and he’ll give you the engine coil.
    31. Before going down to the sewers, head upstairs to enter Trimble’s lab. Grab the key from the door to unlock it, then head down the stairs. Move past the water wheel, then head down the canal to enter the sewer.
    32. Follow the sewer down. You’ll need to contend with three spores at the T intersection. Hit them with darts while they’re open. When they’ve been thoroughly pruned, head up the stairs, past the rat swarm, then make a left down the hallway.
    33. Continue down until you hear a woman asking for help. She’ll be in the cistern in the middle of the room. There’s also a charm in this room. Head to the woman. You can either help her or not. I decided to help her. Then she promptly attacked me.
    34. My first response was to attack her with lethality, so I never tried using sleep darts. In any case, when she’s finally down, head back up the walkway and open the closed door. There will be two witches inside. Take care of them, grab the BONE CHARM in the area, then talk to the statue of Delilah.
    35. Drop down to the bottom floor and use the crank to open the gate. Before going up the stairs, make a left to the rocks and foliage inside the sewer. Grab the BONE CHARM.
    36. Head up the stairs to the “Water Control Station”. You’ll see two witches guarding the place. Duck underneath the gate, then immediately head down the stairs on the right. Take care of the weepers down below, grab the whale oil under the staircase, then enter the door where the cones have been placed.
    37. Put the whale oil in the panel, then flip the switch. It’ll turn on both fans, but one will break. Enter the tunnel where the fan broke to grab the RUNE inside the room. It also contains a shrine. Now head back up to the water control station.
    38. Stealthily take out the witches guarding the station. At times they will teleport, so keep an eye out on where they appear. When they’re down and out, the valve you need to turn is disabled. Head back down and go behind the staircase where you got the whale oil. Grab the wrench on the tool shelf, then head back to the valve.
    39. Something is blocking the wheels from turning. Head down to the bottom floor and hack away at the plants holding the wheels. Now it’s time to head back to Trimble. Move through the tunnel where the fan broke, then exit out the sewers that way.
    40. Talk to Trimble at the main office. He’ll be good on his deal and he’ll give you the combination down to the engine room to get the engine coil. He says the code is “7-7-4″.
    41. Head down to the engine room, turn the dials to 7-7-4, then grab the engine coil. Leave the Textile Mill, run through Draper’s Ward, then finally head back to the Undine.
    42. Put the coil on the engine mount, then talk to Lizzie. Head up to the bridge to fire up the engine. It’s time to set sail to Brigmore Manor.

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