Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Daud’s Base
  • A Stay of Execution for Lizzy (Coldridge Prison)
  • The Dead Eels (Draper’s Ward)
  • Delilah’s Masterwork (Brigmore Manor)

  • Brigmore Manor

    Delilah’s Master Work

    1. Before the mission begins, make your purchases. Through the favors tab I chose turncoat and hole in the fence. Turncoat will provide you extra information, while hole in the fence will give you a rune, plus a stealthy approach to the estate. Once you’re ready, continue on with the final chapter.
    2. You’ll be outside the estate when the mission begins. You’ll have a chat with your follower. To the left, surrounded by flowers is a skull. When you get close, a hound will appear and attack. They will continue to respawn forever unless you break the skull. I would suggest avoiding these puppies.
    3. Instead, head right along the water past the tree. Use void gaze to pinpoint the corrupted charm in the water. Once you’ve fished out the CORRUPTED CHARM, keep heading toward the estate, but keep to the right side. You’ll see a little outpost in the middle.
    4. Head inside to loot the place. Careful of the tripwire. Once you’ve grabbed the goods, blink up to the rooftop to grab a RUNE. A witch will appear, but she’ll patrol out of the way. Keep moving along the right side. Grabbing the favor, hole in the wall, will give you an entrance through a broken fence.
    5. Move right along the rock wall as your feet are dipped in water. There are two pods on this side that will shoot spores at you. Eliminate them when they are open, with bolts. Turn on void gaze to locate the RUNE near the house next to tree. Be careful of witch patrols here.
    6. From here, look up at the wooden scaffolding along the front side of the manor. Make your way across to the greenhouse in the distance, the opposite side of where you found the rune. Knock out the witch inside.
    7. Near this greenhouse is the entrance to the crypt. It’s in the graveyard, you can’t miss it. Unfortunately the lever has been removed and is found in the shed. From here, you’ll need to go the backyard of the manor, find the shed, then retrieve the lever.
    8. So after taking out the witch inside the greenhouse, blink up to the rafters, then enter one of the windows. They both lead to the same room, they are just separated into two floors. The room has seen better days. Grab the loot inside, including a chest, then head for the window that overlooks a rocky path. Turning on void gaze will allow you to see the bone charm at the top of the path.
    9. Let the witch stroll down the path before you blink up to the cliffside. Grab the BONE CHARM, then follow the path all the way down, keeping the rock wall on your left side. When you head down, you’ll see a waterfall with a body in the stream. The front door key is here.
    10. Head out of the water and continue moving along with the rock wall on your left. Soon, you’ll come upon the garden shed. The shed will be facing a courtyard with a fountain in the middle. It’s surrounded by witches.
    11. Wait until the witches aren’t facing you, then jump blink inside the shed over the tripwire. Immediately take out the seriously annoying pod. Grab the lever from the shelf and just for the hell of it, turn the fountain on along the wall. It will actually reveal a RUNE.
    12. Now look up, then blink to the rooftop. Use the wooden beams to do so. If you wait a bit, scoping the fountain area, you’ll see the turncoat witch, dressed in red, approach the shed. Wait until she’s in a secluded spot, then chat her up. She’ll reveal Delilah’s plan, plus guide you toward the crypt entrance.
    13. Head back up the rocky path, then blink to the room that’s connected to the greenhouse. You can avoid the witches inside the room, by heading to the upper level, but you’ll need to deal with another witch inside the greenhouse. Make your way down to the graveyard, insert the lever, then drop down into the crypt.
    14. There are a swarm of rats inside. You can avoid them by jumping on some higher platforms, or if you want, you can blink past the tripwire as the swarm gets closer to get rid of them all. Grab the BONE CHARM by the statue, then head up the stairs into Brigmore Manor.
    15. Brigmore Manor

    16. Continue up the stairs, grab the loot inside the shelf on the right. Don’t head through the door that leads to the entrance way, instead, blink up to the hole above you to get access to the second floor. When you reach the top, turn on void gaze and head toward the corrupted charm. It’s past the hallway with the rubble. You’ll also notice there’s a bone charm in the next room, but we’ll come back for that later.
    17. Grab the CORRUPTED CHARM on the table, then remember this room with the fireplace and the rubble of bricks all around. You’ll be coming back here. Exit through the hallway, then enter the room with the bone charm. There’s an overseer here. Have a chat with him after you’ve grabbed the BONE CHARM. Take out the witch that appears. Grab the stun mine on the table as well.
    18. Exit the room, then make a right. There’s a witch that patrols the hallway. Knock her out, hide the body, then continue down the hallway where she came from. To the right, on the floor above you’ll hear two witches talking. There’s also a rune and bone charm near their positions.
    19. When they stop talking, they’ll teleport to the floor you’re on. Hide behind the table. Knock out the witch that heads toward the sunlit room first (she has a Brigmore Chest Key), then grab the one that’s overlooking the chandelier.
    20. Blink up to the floor above. Acquire the BONE CHARM inside the chest, opened by the Brigmore Chest Key, then move to the next room to grab the RUNE inside another chest pressed against a wall. Next to this chest is hole in the floor. You’ll see a tub underneath. Drop down, then drop down once more. You’ll hit a floor that’s submerged with about a foot of water.
    21. Follow the sunlit hallway down. You’ll notice two witches in a room to the left talk about Rothwild. The hallway will turn left. There will also be a witch at the turn. Knock her out, then hide her body. As you move down the hallway, you’ll notice the floor above is slightly broken with wooden beams jutting out. There’s a witch that patrols this top portion.
    22. Move down the hallway. You’ll see a group of three witches ahead. Blink up top to the floor above where the witch patrols. Alternatively, there’s a doorway on the left side of the hallway, that leads to stairs. Using either method, knock her out, then blink to the broken platform as you continue following the hallway down.
    23. Blink to the next platform with the wooden beams practically sloping down at a 45 degree angle, then enter the door that’s covered by foliage. Move around the perimeter of the room over the wood planks, then continue to the next room.
    24. Disarm the traps and grab some loot as you make your way down the hallway. When you reach the other side, you’ll be above Delilah’s planning room, complete with glowing, ritualistic marks on the ground and a giant board. Take out the two witches down below, then read Delilah’s notes.
    25. From here, head back to the room I asked you to remember. The one that contained the corrupted charm and the fireplace. Blink back up the way you came from. Blink along the platforms, back to the original platform with a single witch patrolling it, near the stairs.
    26. Move down the hallway that contains various heads of animals as trophies. Continue forward and up ahead will be the room with the fireplace. Head through the door, over the fallen table. Make a right past the tripwire, then head up the wooden rubble turned ramp.
    27. You’ll be in Deliah’s studio. Watch out for the multiple tripwires guarding the place. Jump on top of the boxes, then use the rafters to safely get to the glowing purple lantern on the table next to paintings of Emily Kaldwin. Disarm the traps and grab the West Wing key hanging on the wall. Once you’ve grabbed the lantern, head back to Delilah’s planning room, the one where you read Delilah’s notes.
    28. Take care of the lone witch, then head toward the painting on the huge board below. Set the lantern near the painting. When the board reveals itself, enter the painting.
    29. The Void

    30. You’ll have a chat with The Outsider. Once he’s done talking, take a leap down into the bright light down below. When you reach Delilah’s ritual site, take the stairs up that lead into the tree. You’ll see Delilah as well as her statues ahead.
    31. There’s also a painting in the distance that you can use to switch paintings. For now let’s grab the painting. To grab the painting, all you have to do is blink on the floating islands on the right side. The statues won’t be able to see you. Once you’ve grabbed the painting it’s time to make a choice.
    32. From here, you can either fight Delilah, suitably killing her, or you can switch paintings to take care of her using the non-lethal approach. If you want to kill her, chat her up before the fight for dramatic effect. You’ll have to contend with her doubles, along with a scream that pushes you back, but it’s nothing a few bullets can’t handle.
    33. Once you’ve taken care of her, you’ll see her guard the painting. Slash at her to see her final seconds with a pretty awesome final blow from Daud.
    34. If you want to kill her non-lethally, wait for Delilah to make her finishing touches on the painting. When she walks away to perform the ritual, drop down, switch the painting, then watch her, as she unknowingly sucks herself into the void.
    35. Congratulations! You’ve just beaten The Brigmore Witches. Watch the rest all the way through, to see your decisions played out, along with decisions from the main game played out as well.

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