Dissecting Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2

Ancillary Characters

We also get a glimpse of some of the colorful NPCs you’ll be interacting with (and brutally murdering). While there were dozens crammed into the one minute and 40-odd second running time, a few moments stood out enough to convince us that certain characters are likely to be important. Assume, as always, that most of these guys won’t make it to the end of the game.


James is Michael’s aimless, Chet Haze-style, wannabe hip-hop guy son. Obviously a source of constant frustration for Michael, the scenes that features James reinforce the idea that he’s both well-meaning and hilariously inept. Even his neck tattoo – “Entitled” – is dumber than the average neck tattoo.

People Watching Trevor Stomp a Dude

Maybe this is nothing, but these characters are gathered around Michael while Trevor beats the hell out of someone. We take that to mean they’re part of at least one mission. Also, we’re wondering if the white kid with dreads turns out to be James.

Franklin’s Female Associate

Is this Franklin’s his sister or girlfriend? Who knows, but it’s obvious she doesn’t trust him at all, implying some past betrayal or serious f*ck up. She tells him straight up that she doesn’t believe he’s changed, no matter how rich he is. Now taking bets on whether or not she’s right.

Michael’s Wife And Daughter

It wouldn’t be Los Angeles Los Santos without some reality TV drama and it looks like we’re getting it courtesy of Michael’s wife and Daughter. Seen fighting in the beginning of the trailer, it looks like mom is a Real Housewives of unrepentant crime kind of woman, while the daughter sports a tramp stamp and a clear love of partying with dudes the rents don’t approve of. This will probably end up being the reason for a mission at some point. Or at least we hope so.

Franklin’s Friend

Unnamed in the trailer, this guy appears to be a close associate of Franklin. Unlike Franklin however, he doesn’t have ambition to be more than a local criminal, at least according to Franklin himself. He’s likely an underboss of some kind, and he seems in his first scene to be Franklin’s ‘face’. We wonder if he’s the victim of the drive-by featured in the trailer.


We don’t know who or what “Berto” is, and we don’t why both Franklin and Michael are outside his or its beach house, but that can’t be a coincidence. Our guess: Berto is a mission-generating character whose sole purpose is to give an excuse to introduce Michael to Franklin. Or we misheard and it’s “Birdo” from Super Mario Bros. 2.

“Bearded Black Guy”

Fine, we admit this could be absolutely nothing, but the close-up of this guy’s Duke Boys Slide over the hood of a car makes us think he factors into the story more significantly than a random scene-setting NPC. Also, Duke Boys Sliding is always welcome.

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6 Comments on Dissecting Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2


On November 15, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Having one or two of the playable characters with strong familial attachments ought to at least provide something fairly new for GTA. Michael having a family and being pulled back into “the life” is reminiscent of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption, which isn’t too surprising since Dan Houser wrote the script for that game. Given that I find RDR to be Rockstar’s best game to date, and I’ve enjoyed the more serious efforts in GTA 4 and RDR, so I’m looking forward to a character like Michael.

Trevor seems like a good inclusion, too. Having an unattached, nutjob as one of the playable characters will probably allow players to go on the traditional GTA rampages of destruction without feeling like it is out of character.


On November 15, 2012 at 3:11 pm

As of right now there is no proof (to my knowledge) that James is Michaels son. And his neck tattoo says “Entitled”


On November 15, 2012 at 3:25 pm


At about 1 minute in, somebody says to Michael, “Your son, James…”

Seems like pretty conclusive evidence that James is his son.

Ben Richardson

On November 15, 2012 at 7:56 pm

@STALKER Not sure how you can watch that trailer and not grasp the obvious: James is Michael’s son. Still, you’re 100% right on the neck tattoo. Thanks for the tip — I’ve updated the article.


On November 15, 2012 at 9:32 pm

@RJ and Ben Richardson

I was tired when I posted that, what I meant to say was there wasn’t proof that the kid is actually James. The trailer seems to hint heavily that he is (showing him right after the scene you mentioned, him being in the car with Michael, etc…) but it doesn’t come right out an say, “this person is actually James”

I agree it’s a stretch, but still the point stands.


On November 19, 2012 at 4:46 am