Dissecting the Max Payne 3 Technology & Design Trailer

When the first Max Payne 3 trailer hit in September, it gave us the broad strokes: Max is in Brazil, drinking too much and working security for some kind of shadowy capitalist. At the time, we discussed its most notable aspects (real cutscenes! no graphical novel panels?!), while Rockstar was busy providing additional information in the form of a pop-up video and an interview with Variety.

Today, a new trailer hit, giving fans a detailed look at the groundbreaking technology and design work that has gone into making the game. It’s a long clip, so pay attention — there’s lots to talk about.

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The most striking thing about the trailer? How much Max’s appearance differs from one shot to the next. Seriously, this clip has more costume changes than a Cher concert. Towards the beginning, we see the Max we’re all familiar with — leather jacket, tacky tie.

As the video continues, however, he dons a snappy suit. Maybe working for a Brazilian oligarch requires a higher sartorial standard.

Sometimes, you’ve got to get your hands dirty, though. Field work calls for a more casual ensemble.

But when the bullets start to fly, a guayabera offers insufficient protection. Switching to a bulletproof vest is a prudent decision.

When things start to go badly for Max, however, his fashion choices suffer. He gains weight and shaves his head. Sloppy, bald Max starts off in a Hawaiian shirt.

Before eventually losing it. You can tell a desperate man by his lack of sleeves.

Baldness and slobbery don’t necessarily have to go together, however. In this shot, Max channels Agent 47 from the Hitman series.

Despite not being overburndened by social graces, Max also seems to have at least one in-game friend. Who is this chubby man in a driver’s cap?

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