Dissecting the Metal Gear Solid 5 GDC Trailer

Ishmael, the patient that aids in Snake’s hospital escape.


This is a little more speculatory, but I’ll take a swing: Metal Gear Solid 5 will most likely take place in two time periods, potentially divided into acts. Given the marketing put behind Ground Zeroes, I think it’s likely that the two acts will be titled Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain.

The first act, Ground Zeroes, actually has a lot of public detail thanks to a pretty large marketing push. It takes place immediately after Peace Walker and involves Snake’s search for Paz, a Cipher agent that attempted to steal and use Metal Gear ZEKE. Snake eventually finds her and rescues her. On the way back, Mother Base is attacked by XOF and both Miller and Snake are injured. Miller survives with consciousness intact, but Snake almost dies and enters into a coma for nine years.

Master Miller, Snake’s friend and second-in-command.

The second act, The Phantom Pain, has virtually no details. It’s known that it takes place nine years after Ground Zeroes and starts with Snake waking up in a hospital, and the hospital will be the “tutorial” of the game. He escapes with the help of Ishmael and Ocelot, but not before running into some character reminiscent of the “freakshow” bosses of previous titles. It is also likely that his construction of a new base takes place in this time period, but the coloration of his hair makes it difficult to discern when exactly he sets up Diamond Dogs.

Given the mention of a base, MGS5 will likely end up being an open-world game where you maintain your base and influence regions. This falls in line with the main mechanic of MGS4 (changing battlefield fronts) as well as the base-building of Peace Walker. It was also mentioned by the developers that MGS5 would end up being an open world title. Besides this, expect gameplay similar to Peace Walker over MGS4. I like this notion, personally.

An unknown pyrokinetic as he destroys the hospital Snake is residing in.

Freaks and Geeks (Or Just Freaks)

The one thing that was made clear is that there is a return of the “freak”-style bosses of previous entries. Peace Walker took a more balanced look, and thus pit you against boss enemies like Hinds and Tanks. It’s clear that MGS5 will have none of that “nuance” nonsense (not that Metal Gear had such a thing in the first place) and that people with crazy abilities are to make a return. I’m pumped for it!

Did you spot something we didn’t catch? Is there something we got wrong? Let us know in the comments.

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On March 27, 2013 at 5:54 pm

This was obvious.

But I’m psyched for this.