Divinity: Dragon Commander – Unlisted PC Key Commands

Not all bindings are obvious in the new dragon-riding RTS Divinity: Dragon Commander, that’s why we’ve listed the complete list of developer key commands.

These are straight from Larian Studios, but currently there’s no documentation in-game for these unlisted commands. Get a better grip of Divinity in RTS-mode or Dragon-mode with the key binds below.

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Key Commands

RTS: doubletap ² -> toggle permanent icons
RTS: shift-”any command” -> give your units queue’d orders (Example: hold shift, rightclick, A, B -> move, attackmove, execute warlock stealth)
RTS: middle mouse button -> swivel camera
ANY MODE: shift-enter -> talk to ALL
ANY MODE: ctrl-enter -> talk to team
ANY MORE: enter -> talk in current “mode” (all or team)– default is all
DRAGON mode: right click or spacebar –> cancels skill
DRAGON mode: a while having unit skill active –> execute unitskill
RTS: esc when finished buildings selected with active build queue: cancel build queue of units according to (this is already in the list as a general “cancel” button)
RTS: esc when building is still building: cancel construction of building (this is already in the list as a general “cancel” button)
RTS: shift-leftclick to build units in any building: build 5 of each unit per click
RTS: leftclick on a unit portrait in build queue: cancel unit
RTS: spacebar –> go to nearest alert (red blinking dots on minimap)
RTS / RISK: scrolling –> zoom in / out
RTS: ALT –> show HP bars on all units
RTS: double click on unit -> select all of type on screen
RTS: ctrl-click on unit -> select all of type on screen
RTS: shift-click on unit when other unit already selected –> add to selection or remove from selection (if already selected)
RTS: double tap control-group –> jump to group (camera position)
RTS: double tap Z(W) X C or V –> cycle through type of building (camera position)
RTS: click on portrait of unit in UI -> zoom on unit
RTS: CTRL-1 through CTRL-0 –> set controlgroup
RTS: 1 through 0 –> select controlgroup
DRAGON mode: ALT-1 throuth ALT-0 –> select controlgroup
RTS mode: backspace: cycle through recruitment centers (with camera focus)
RTS: click on icon of controlgroup -> select controlgroup
RTS: doubleclick on icon of controlgroup -> camera focus on controlgroup
RTS: q (a) -> attackmove
RTS: h -> hold position
RTS: o -> stop
RTS: p -> patrol
RTS: m -> move
RTS: insert -> default camera position
RTS: when building selected: J -> open research panel

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