Divinity: Original Sin – Black Cove Dungeon Achievements Guide

Explore the Black Cove in Divinity: Original Sin and unlock three tricky Steam achievements with GameFront’s guide. As your heroes delve into the pirate-infested hide-out, you’ll reach several traps that aren’t so easy to figure out. Instead of bumbling through the deadly rooms, check out the step-by-step instructions below to disarm each section with ease.

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Black Cove Dungeon Side-Quests Guide

There are three Steam Achievements associated with a single dungeon in Act 1. The Black Cove is a unique location full of traps and secrets down on the beach to the south of the starting zone. Look near a large spawning camp of Orcs to find the cave entrance. It’s south of Cyseal, west of the harbor.

Team Roller Achievement Guide

Eventually, you’ll reach an NPC named Billeh Gahr who activates a trap inside the Black Cove. One of your party members will appear on a deadly trap that will spring if you step off the floor tile — leading to an instant death.

There’s a way to avoid this trap. Instead of sacrificing your team mate, look along the walls for a crate you can push. Move it out of the way to reveal a secret switch that deactivates the trap and earns you this achievement.

Push It Achievement Guide

Going deeper inside the Black Cove, you’ll need to locate a secret trapdoor to continue further. As you enter a room past the previously mentioned trap, look for a painting hanging on the wall. Try turning the camera if you can’t see it.

Remove the painting by smashing it, then hit the switch to open the trap door. The switch is very hard to spot, so look carefully.

Moving on, you’ll reach a room with many identical buttons. Start in the center of the room, and travel down then just right to find the button you’ll need to press to solve the room. Save your game just to be sure, but if you press this button before any other you’ll earn the achievement.

Keelhauled Achievement Guide

The final achievement in the Black Cove is simple — just kill the boss! Pontius Pirate (A pun on Pontius Pilate? Wow.) is waiting at the end of the dungeon. Defeat him to earn the last Steam Achievement associated with this tricky optional area.

For some bonus loot, don’t forget to check out Pontius Pirate’s chest. After cracking it open and taking everything inside, smash the chest to get another helping of extra items.

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