Divinity: Original Sin – Cyseal Skill & Spell Books Locations Guide

Divinity: Original Sin is a huge game with a ton of content to experience, so you’ll want learn where to find the merchants that sell powerful skill or spell books in the opening town of Cyseal.

Many starting players are a little lost, and upgrading particular classes can be tricky without finding the unmarked NPCs that carry these items. Don’t search Cyseal all day, check below for quick text instructions on where to find each type of skill book.

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Cyseal Skill Books Locations Guide

  • Geomancer / Pyrokinetic Spell Books:
    In the Legion Headquarters, located on the east side of town, go upstairs and talk to Arhu the cat.
  • Expert Marksman Skill Books:
    Speak with Fletcher in the market square. Look for this merchant standing in the left-hand blue tent in the center of town, south of the hall.
  • Scoundrel / Witchcraft Spell Books:
    Look inside the “King’s Crab Inn” located in the west-center of Cyseal. Shereth is located in a room upstairs — she sells Skill Books for Scoundrels and Witchcraft.
  • Aerothurge / Hydrosophist Spell Books:
    Talk to the Cylia the Enchantress, she’s standing in the market square in the center of town. Look in the blue tent that’s on the right-hand side on your map.
  • Man-at-Arms Skill Books:
    Enter the Legion Headquarters on the eastern edge of Cyseal and speak with Aureus to trade these fighter skill books.

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2 Comments on Divinity: Original Sin – Cyseal Skill & Spell Books Locations Guide


On August 2, 2014 at 6:47 pm

The puzzle where you have to solve two burial grounds w/ the elemental pillars has a big room at the end w/ 4 chests. Save before you open them.

The two outer edge chests have a skill book every single time. The other two give 2-4 items each, often w/ orange items and other skill books. Re-rolled this one many, many times, and left w/ 2 man at arms and 2 fire spells, plus orange tank shield and a few blues and greens. Great place to get early spells.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On August 3, 2014 at 8:59 pm


Awesome note, I tried it myself and got some nice early gear. For those having some trouble early on, I totally recommend trying to save-scum these chests.