Divinity: Original Sin – How to Defeat Unkillable Death Knights

Bring the invincible Death Knights down with a unique spell in Divinity: Original Sin. To remove their unkillable nature, you’ll need two hidden items and combine them into a powerful dispelling book. Get revenge on these unstoppable monsters with the full list of ingredients and instructions below.

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How to Defeat Unkillable Death Knights

Death Knights are one of the most annoying enemies in Divinity: Original Sin. Instead of struggling through the Luculla Forest, find a way to remove their invincibility by creating the special spellbook below.

Don’t forget, when exploring the Luculla Mines you can destroy the rubble blocking certain paths to get around the Death Knights.

There are two main ingredients you’ll need to craft the Death Knight’s Bane spellbook; Leandra’s Spell and Leandra’s Blood.

Leandra’s Spell Location:

The spell is located inside the Tenebrium Mine in Luculla Forest at the map coordinates X:96 Y:189. Near the end of the mines, you’ll discover a hidden lab owned by Leandra. Search it to collect the hidden spell.

Vial of Leandra’s Blood Location:

Next, travel to the Immaculate Cathedral, also located in Luculla Forest at the map coordinates X:208 Y: 452, and defeat Mangoth to find the vial of blood.

To reach Mangoth, you’ll need to solve the puzzle to enter the temple. Light all four candles in the locked room to open the doors.

Crafting Death Knights’ Bane:

Combine the Vial of Blood with the Spell to create the Death Knights’ Bane spellbook. Use this to remove Death Knight’s normal invincibility, making any areas with them much easier to handle.

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1 Comment on Divinity: Original Sin – How to Defeat Unkillable Death Knights


On August 7, 2014 at 10:13 am

Well. It is a offical quest and it is needed thorugh the game, but it is really much much easier to just ignore this quest before later. Since you have to get the vial of blood and that item is not easy to get at all.

Minimum lev 12 recommended. Level 14 is without cheap tactics the real level of getting it. A world of difference in Divinity. So beat the mines before going around looking for the vial will do alot to your gameing experience and rather take som time to dogde the Death Knights in the cave (that you also have to do without the spell, since the spell (1 of the 2 items) is in the end of that Mine.)

I did it the opposite way, and it was no way worth it.