Divinity: Original Sin – How to Find the Weresheep Easter Egg

The mysterious and legendary Weresheep has been found in Divinity: Original Sin, and we’ve got all the details below.

Following the clues across each act, the trail of breadcrumbs always leads to one final location. Once the Weresheep is summoned, you can even talk him out of his wool — which can be used to craft a special set of armor. See where to go and what to do with the full Easter egg guide right here.

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How to Find the Weresheep Easter Egg

The mysterious Weresheep is hinted at far before you can ever encounter him. Before revealing the legendary creature’s exact location, let’s explore the twisty path it takes to discover it.

  • Clue #1: Behind the Cyseal Church, there’s a graveyard with fresh mounds. Inside one of these mounds, you can find a book discussing the legend of the Weresheep. It suggests that King Boreas might know more.
  • Clue #2: Later in the Act 2, you’ll face off and defeat King Boreas. Inside his treasure vault, there’s another note with a clue to find the Cave of Portals in Silverglen.
  • Clue #3: Discovering the Cave of Portals and entering a particular teleportation path near the start leads to a small chamber with a secret mound. Dig it up, and a ghostly Weresheep will appear and give up the final location for the monster’s physical form.

Weresheep Location:

Travel to the Phantom Forest and look for a unique tree inscribed with glowing letters. The Kickstarter birch is covered in messages from donors. Find it near the northern waypoint, up the road leading northwest.

At this location, drop a Stardust Herb onto the ground directly in front of the tree. The Weresheep will appear and unlock the “Baaaah.” achievement.

Kill (or talk to) the Weresheep and collect its wool, then take it to the Elemental Forge. Toss the wool in and you’ll gain a unique full set of armor.

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