Divinity: Original Sin – Kingdom Come Optional Quest Guide

Turn a pauper into a prince in Divinity: Original Sin. One unhappy troll won’t allow brave adventurers to cross his bridge without paying a toll. Instead of giving up the cash, be cheap and depose the King of the Trolls to save on scratch. Just keep scrolling to see how with our step-by-step “Kingdom Come” achievement guide.

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Kingdom Come Steam Achievement & Optional Quest Guide

To unlock the “Kingdom Come” achievement you’ll need to find an alternate way to cross the bridge guarded by Archibald the Troll. Like most trolls, he demands a toll to cross.

To send Archibald away, you’ll need to make him the King of the Trolls. To do that, check out the steps below;

How to Make Archibald King (And avoid paying the bridge toll!):

  • 1. Archibald is located east of the Goblin Village waypoint. He guards the bridge leading to the Phantom Forest zone. Speak with him, but refuse to pay the fee to cross. There’s another way — namely, making Archibald the King Troll.
  • 2. To make Archibald the King, you’ll need to find and defeat Gungnir. To do that, you’ll need to get past Gungnir’s magical barrier defenses. Go to the Lair of Maradino in the northwestern part of the zone. The coordinates are X:151 / Y:257 on the map. Get inside and find a unique scroll.
  • 3. Take the scroll from the Lair of Maradino go to King Gungnir’s dungeon tucked away in the southeast section of the zone. Follow the path to the Tenebrium Mine and search around map coordinates X: 342 / Y: 194. Use the scroll on the mushroom directly outside King Gungnir’s cave to dispel the barriers.
  • 4. Defeat King Gungnir, then return to Archibald. Instead of paying him, inform him that Gungnir is dead. Archibald will leave the bridge and take up the Troll King mantle, allowing you to cross without having to pay.

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On September 18, 2014 at 7:17 pm

Actually you can still get the achievement if you pay him, kill the king, and inform him/make him king.