Divinity: Original Sin – Source Temple Puzzle Solutions Guide

Divinity: Original Sin doesn’t mess around with its old-school PC RPG aesthetic — that includes chucking its most difficult puzzles right in the final dungeon.

Don’t get stuck searching for hidden switches or fumbling around with weird candles. Get the answers you need to finally complete Larian’s top-down tactical role-playing game with GameFront’s solutions guide.

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Source Temple Puzzle Solutions Guide

Fighting through hordes of enemies and entering the Source Temple itself, you’ll have a massive puzzle to contend with in the central chamber with three Statues of Self-Awareness.

This is the most complicated challenge in Divinity. Let’s go through the solution one step at a time.

Step 1: Navigate the Floor Panels

To open the first door, step on the floor panel switch. There are pressure pads in each room — but not all of them are safe to step on.

Step on the pressure pad near the giant head, then enter to the room to your right. There’s another pressure pad here. Step on it to open the left door, leading into a third room.

Inside the third room, avoid the pressure pad. It releases a poison gas trap. Scan the walls in the third chamber to uncover a hidden button that opens the next doorway.

Step 2: Cross the Bridge

Entering an area with a wrecked bridge, you’ll need to throw the Teleport Pyramid across the section to teleport across. Grab the Pyramid and drag it from your inventory to throw it.

Teleport across the hole and look for a door to open past wreckage to uncover a teleportation waypoint. Activate the “Source Temple Vault” waypoint to reach the statue puzzle.

Step 3: Solve the Treasury

Inside the Source Temple Vault, you’ll need to destroy one of the statues. Destroy the wrong one, and you’ll teleport to the start of the temple. Make a save game here, just to be sure.

Solve the puzzle and destroy the statue based on the clue. From here, throw a Teleport Pyramid into the treasury and zap inside, then step through the mirror to collect the Earth Key — and don’t forget to retrieve your Teleport Pyramid.

Step 4: Through the Earth Door

Return to the central chamber and move upstairs. Search around with characters possessing higher perception to spot the secret switch on a wall to the right of the stairs. Look left of the door here to find it. It can be heard to spot.

If that doesn’t work, travel down and throw a Teleport Pyramid into the chamber from the south, then step on the pressure pad inside to open the gate. Leave a character on the pad while the rest of your party opens the Earth Door with the key.

Kill the enemies here, follow the clue hints and destroy the correct statue to acquire the Air Key.

Step 4: Through the Air Door

Return to the Central Chamber and look for the floor switch next to the giant head mentioned in Step 1. Go through the door that opens, and in the second pressure plate room leave a Teleport Pyramid behind before entering the poison trap chamber.

Activate the poison trap, then escape with the Teleport Pyramid you left behind. Now the Air Door path should be open.

Past the Air Door, you’ll enter a labyrinth of hallways. Work your way to the very middle of the maze. You’ll reach a closed gate. Throw a Teleport Pyramid through and find the switch to finally open the path leading to the third statue puzzle.

Use the hint, destroy the statue, and return to the central room to complete this huge puzzle. With all three statues lit, you can finally finish the last challenge.

Step 5: Final Candle Puzzle

Now all three Statues of Self-Awareness are lit. Check out the books to get hints — the last puzzle involves lighting specific candles in a specific order.

NOTE: There are three steps. Depending on which statues you destroyed, the order might be different. If the order below isn’t working for you, try switching each numbered item until the puzzle is complete. The method never changes, just the order.

For each correct step a lightning bolt will strike.

  • 1. Light all candles, except the center candle.
  • 2. Light only the center candle.
  • 3. Light only the three horizontal candles.

If you get three lightning strikes, the bookcase will finally open.

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