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Your characters have been sent to Cyseal to investigate the death of Councillor Jake. Meet with the wizard Arhu at the harbour for more information.

1. Wander the beach, checking the crates and gathering shells and other items that may be sold or used for Crafting.

2. Locate the Dead Man corpse.

  • Search the Dead Man to retrieve the Traveler’s Journal.
  • Read it.
  • Click through the social interaction dialogue.
  • Retrieve the Rain Scroll lying next to the Dead Man.

3. Go W and climb the steps to initiate the first battle.


  • Unidentified Mage casts a Summon spell, summoning 1 x Cursed Lieutenant and 2 x Cursed Servants.
  • Cursed Lieutenant wields a bow.
  • Cursed Servants wield spiked clubs.

4. Click the Ancient Stone Gate to enter the King’s Tomb.

  • Make your way through the Tomb, following the tutorial prompts.
  • Search chests, vases, crates, barrels, and bone piles.
  • Kill rats for XP and Raw Meat.

5. Search the King’s Tomb sarcophagus to retrieve the Old Parchment.

  • Read the Old Parchment.

6. Go E up the stairs to locate the secret door.

7. Go through the secret door and down the stairway.

8. Pick up the Fire Resistance potion on the left side of the stairway.

9. At the bottom of the stairway, pick up the Rain Scroll just off to the left.

10. Use a Rain Scroll, or the nearby water barrels, to get past the fiery landing.

11. Pick up the Fireball scroll just prior to the green poison cloud.

12. Go to the chest and retrieve the Metal Temple Door Key.

13. Go through the next Stone Gate.

14. Pick up the Fireball Scroll just prior to the Buried Mummies.

  • The Buried Mummies are standing in a pool of oil.
  • Use a Fireball Scroll, or some other method of fire, to ignite the oil and kill the Buried Mummies.

15. Use the pressure plates to get through the next Stone Door.

16. Pick up all the items lying on the stone table just after passing through the Stone Door.

17. Use the pressure plates to get through the next Stone Door.


  • Ragequin wields a Two-handed Sword.
  • Ragequin’s Ghost wields a Chilled Staff.
  • 2 x Awakened Archers wielding bows.

Ragequin will fight to the death, then Ragequin’s Ghost will rise and fight until defeated.

18. Go through the next Stone Door to exit the King’s Tomb.

19. Go E / SE from the King’s Tomb exit to locate Ishmashell.

  • Talk to Ishmashell and click through the dialogue.

20. Make your way W along the S edge of the beach to locate a Waypoint Portal and a shovel.

21. Continue W until you get to a bridge guarded by two drunk Legionnaires.

  • Talk to the Legionnaires and click through the dialogue in order to advance over the bridge.

22. Continue W to witness an orc ship landing party in combat against Legionnaires.

  • Join the battle to assist the Legionnaires.


  • 1 x Orc Shaman, 1 x Young Orc Trooper, 1 x Black Cultist
  • The Young Orc Trooper will rush in and fight at close range, while the Orc Shaman and Black Cultists will fight at range with magic and bow respectively.

23. Talk with the Legionnaires to learn more information about the orc assaults on Cyseal.

24. Go W to the Cyseal harbour gate to meet Arhu.

  • Talk to Arhu to learn more information about him, events in Cyseal, and your mission here.

25. Enter Cyseal.

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On August 8, 2014 at 12:39 pm

Nice. Although after getting the duke’s letter you should talk to esmeralda. Once you have 3 strikes on her (the blade, the letter and the book) she will cast suion on the healer’s apprentice and Evelyn will flee.