Divinity: Original Sin Walkthrough

Table of Contents

A Mysterious Murder

1. After speaking to Arhu at the gate, head to Thalyron’s Clinic.

  • Speak to Evelyn.
  • Read through the dialogue and make your choice on who she should use the healing stone on.

2. The End of Time

  • After Evelyn uses the healing stone, you will be transported to the Observatory at The End of Time.
  • Speak with Zixzax, and read through the dialogue.
  • Follow Zixzax as he leads you to the Homestead Hall.
  • Continue following Zixzax as he leads you to The Weaver of Time.
  • Speak with The Weaver of Time, and read through the dialogue.
  • Before leaving Homestead Hall, click on the Last Chest nearby, and read through the dialogue.
  • Return to Cyseal when you are ready.

3. Return to Thalyron’s Clinic and speak to Evelyn about what happened.

  • Retrieve the Inert Stone.

4. Go to the Legion Headquarters.

  • Speak to Aureus.
  • He will give you permission to examine the scene of the crime, located in the King Crab Tavern.
  • He will also give you quests regarding the undead and orcs menacing Cyseal, as well as helping out the Legionnaires outside the city walls.
  • Go upstairs and speak to Arhu.
  • He will tell you the known events of Councillor Jake’s last living hours.
  • Be sure to retrieve the Universal Controller and the Universal Controller Instruction Manual from him.

5. Go to the Town Hall.

  • Speak to Mayor Cecil about the murder.
  • He will also give you a quest to seek and retrieve the Staff of Pergamon.
  • Go upstairs to the Town Library.
  • Speak to Jahan and recruit him into your party.

5. Go to the King Crab Tavern.

  • Speak to Madora and recruit her into your party.
  • Interrogate the Duke of Ferol.
  • Speak to Francis. He will tell you about some new religion called the One Way.

6. Enter the room where Councillor Jake was murdered, on the first floor.

  • Another Star Stone triggers as you enter the room.
  • Retrieve the inert stone.
  • Open the chest in the room to retrieve the letter from the Duke of Ferol.
  • Read the letter.
  • Speak to the Duke of Ferol about the letter.

7. Go to Esmeralda’s Shop.

  • Interrogate Esmeralda.

8. Go to the Mortician’s Morgue.

  • Interrogate Roberts the mortician, on the top floor of the Morgue.
  • Enter the interment room on the first floor.
  • Find and read Robert’s Ledger.
  • Return to Roberts and speak to him about his ledger and Councillor Jake’s missing body.
  • He will tell you his list of suspects: Mayor Cecil, Captain Aureus, Evelyn, and Esmeralda.

9. Head to the graveyard in the N of Cyseal to find Councillor Jake’s grave.

  • Look for Murphy, Councillor Jake’s dog.
  • Dig up Councillor Jake’s coffin. You’ll need a shovel.
  • If one of your characters has the Pet Pal Talent, have them speak to Murphy to learn how he may help.

10. Interrogate the suspects again, in this order:

  • Mayor Cecil
  • Captain Aureus
  • Evelyn
  • Esmeralda

11. At Esmeralda’s Shop, go upstairs to her living quarters.

  • Find and retrieve the Key to Esmeralda’s House.
  • Exit the Shop and walk around to the door to Esmeralda’s House located on the N wall.
  • Enter Esmeralda’s House.
  • Pick up the book The Perfect Murder from the desk.
  • Head down into the Cellar.
  • Notice there’s a secret door hidden behind the bookshelf.
  • Take the hams hanging next to the bookshelf to uncover the switch for the secret door.
  • Enter the secret room.
  • Take the Bloody Dagger from the desk.
  • Return to Esmeralda and interrogate her about the book and dagger.

12. Go to Thalyron’s Clinic to interrogate Evelyn.

  • Evelyn isn’t there.
  • Speak to Thalyron to find out where she went.
  • Search Evelyn’s Backpack to retrieve the Key to Evelyn’s House.

13. Go to Evelyn’s House.

  • Find and read Evelyn’s Diary
  • Find and read the Letter from the Conduit.
  • Open the Chest and retrieve the Reveal Spell scroll.

14. Make your way to the entrance of the Rank Tunnel (x: 274 – y: 371).

  • This is the passage to the N section of the map where Esmeralda’s marker is located.
  • You’ll have to battle Arhu’s malfunctioning machine to get through the Tunnel.
  • Make sure you have the Universal Controller and the Universal Controller Instruction Manual.
  • Use the Universal Controller, and type in codes from the Instruction Manual to help defeat the machine.

15. Exit the Rank Tunnel and make your way W towards Evelyn’s marker on your map.

16. Find Dietmar and his thugs at a campsite just a little N or Evelyn’s marker.

  • Defeat Dietmar and thugs to retrieve the Staff of Pergamon.
  • Return the Staff of Pergamon to Mayor Cecil to complete his quest.

17. Stand close to the two torches at the location of Evelyn’s marker, and read the Reveal Spell scroll.

  • Enter the Covert Vault.

18. Cautiously make your way through the Covert Vault.

  • Attempt to kill the Anemic Cultist you encounter before he can warn other enemies of your presence.
  • Retrieve the Key dropped by the Anemic Cultist.

19. Arrive at the room where a group of orcs are standing before a large door.

  • Win an argument with the orcs to convince them to leave peacefully, OR
  • Attack and defeat the orcs.
  • Use the Key from the Anemic Cultist to open the door and continue on.

20. Fight and defeat the Cultist Rangers and Cultist Initiates in the next room to continue on.

21. Go through the door on the E wall and down the steps.

22. Confront Evelyn the Sourceror.

  • Defeat Evelyn and her minions.
  • Talk to Zombie Jake to complete A Mysterious Murder.
  • He will tell you about the White Witch, and start the next questline in the main campaign.
  • He will tell you that he will return to his grave, and you can find him there should you ever wish to speak to him again.

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3 Comments on Divinity: Original Sin Walkthrough


On August 8, 2014 at 12:39 pm

Nice. Although after getting the duke’s letter you should talk to esmeralda. Once you have 3 strikes on her (the blade, the letter and the book) she will cast suion on the healer’s apprentice and Evelyn will flee.

برامج كمبيوتر

On September 27, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Nice. Although after getting the duke’s letter you should talk to esmeralda. Once you have 3 strikes on her (the blade, the letter and the book) she will cast suion on the healer’s apprentice and Evelyn will flee.


On January 9, 2016 at 3:51 pm

Playing on ps4, cannot find the universal controller