Divinity: Original Sin Walkthrough

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The White Witch

1. Question these NPCs about the White Witch.
  • Mayor Cecil
  • Captain Aureus
  • Arhu
  • You’ll learn the White Witch has a cabin in Luculla Forest, N of Cyseal.

2. Enter Luculla Forest (x:311 – y:437).

3. Approach the nearby Waypoint Portal, where you’ll encounter Samid.

  • He will give you information about the Immaculates, followers of the Immaculate Way.
  • He will tell you the cabin of the White Witch is just a short distance away (will now be marked on your map).

4. Head along the main path SE towards the cabin of the White Witch.

5. When you encounter the Immaculate Summoner on the path, win your way past him to get to the quarantined cabin of the White Witch.

6. Speak to a Mushroom Icari around the quarantined zone.

  • Answer the shroom’s riddles correctly, and it will give you information about the White Witch.
  • It will tell you that a wizard named Maradino may have left a barrier-removal spell somewhere in Luculla Forest.

Barrier Removal Spell

7. Just E of Silverglen, at x:228 – y:139, is a group of drunk goblins and Pestilential Flowers. Go there and destroy them all.

8. Go solo with the character who has the highest Perception score, and make sure they have a shovel.

9. Slowly send that character on the uphill path to the W of the drunk goblins. This path is heavily mined and trapped, so take caution.

  • The first traps are mines.
  • There are 3 trigger switches just after the first mines which will release a poison gas cloud further up the path.
  • Use a crate / barrel to close off the poison gas cloud trap grate.
  • There are 3 more mines on the next uphill section of the path. If you trigger a mine, the resulting explosion will most likely destroy the crate / barrel placed over the trap grate, releasing the trap.
  • Stop well short of the fireball-spitting stone figureheads, and pay close attention to their timing and strike locations.
  • When the time is right, walk quickly and carefully directly towards the Ooze Barrel.
  • WARNING: there is a lava trap trigger at x:192 – y:125.
  • Use the lever next to the Chest to turn off the fireball-spitting figureheads and other traps.
  • Inspect the ground to the R of the Chest, where the Barrier Removal Spell is hidden. Dig here to uncover and retrieve it.

10. Return to the Cabin of the White Witch.

11. Stand next to the Shadow Barrier and read the Barrier Removal Spell.

12. Enter the White Witch’s Cabin.

13. Use the Mirror of Astarte to be transported to the White Witch’s Grotto.

14. Retrieve the Closet Key, which is lying underneath the Magical Tragedies book on a nearby table.

15. Open the closet and retrieve the Tattered Diary

  • Read it.

16. Walk over to the smoke cloud obscuring the corner of the house.

  • Use a Container to close off the smoke cloud grate.

17. Perception check the wall there to discover a secret switch.

  • Click the switch to magically remove the back wall.

18. Follow the path through the grotto cave.

  • Inspect the corpses at x:693 – y:334
  • Go N
  • Inspect corpses at x:682 – y:380
  • Defeat Immaculates trying to kill Thuringer the boar at x:650 – y:400.
    • Have a character with the Pet Pal perk speak to Thuringer.
    • Ask about the White Witch’s hidden chest last.
    • Follow Thuringer as he attempts to sniff out the hidden chest location.
    • He will run off a distance, stop, and await for directions from you. Give him these directions: STOP 1 – Right; STOP 2 – Right; STOP 3 – Right.
    • The White Witch’s chest is hidden in the area of x:749 – y:371.
    • Once Thuringer no longer asks for your directions, equip a shovel and use it in front of him to uncover the hidden chest.
  • Backtrack along the path to where you encountered Thuringer.
  • Continue along the path from there to inspect corpses at x:732 – y:347.
  • Go N across another bridge.
  • Turn SE and follow the path to a 4-way junction at x:724 – y: 441.
  • Take the 6 o’clock path leading SW.
  • Inspect the corpses at x:727 – y:430.
  • Continue SW and defeat the Immaculates at x:731 – y:406.
  • Follow the path to inspect more corpses at x:737 – y:381.
  • Return to the 4-way junction.
  • Take the 3 o’clock path.
  • Defeat the fire ritual Immaculates at x:766 – y:461.
  • Return to the 4-way junction.
  • Take the 12 o’clock path.
  • Follow it as it leads down across another bridge and towards the lake.
  • Defeat the Immaculates at their lakeside campsite.
  • After winning the fight, a Mysterious Voice from the lake will speak to you.
    • The voice is from Almina, a friend to the White Witch.
    • She says the Immaculates have taken the White Witch to Hiberheim, and you need to rescue her.
    • She will instruct you to find the spell the Immaculates used to open a rift in the lake.
  • Look for and retrieve the Cultist Spell amidst the loot from the dead Immaculates.

19. Stand next to the lake and read the Cultist Spell.

20. The lake will become the rift. Click on the lake to be transported to Hiberheim.


21. The path here is fairly straightforward. Just heed the directions from the Enchanted Sentinels.

22. The Enchanted Sentinel at x:318 – y:42 will tell you to go quickly through the door here.

  • There is not an actual door here.
  • The passage is blocked by a rock wall.
  • Have a solo character stand on the pressure plate at x:323 – y:45, which will lower the rock wall.
  • Use the lever on the other side to lock the rock wall down.
  • Using the lever triggers combat with a group of Mecha-Rodents.

23. Perception check the area at x:282 – y:29 to locate and retrieve the Tiny Golden Key.

24. Continue on until you reach another rock wall and lever mechanism at x:264 – y:19.

  • Using the lever will initiate combat with a group of Mecha-Roosters.

25. Travel NW until the cavern passage turn from luscious green to desert red.

26. Locate Almina at x:246 – y:53.

  • Speak to her.

27. Return to the luscious green passage and continue SE past a Watchful Sentinel and an ice-shooting hazard until you reach a large stairway going up.

  • Stairway is at x:378 – y:52.

28. Send a solo character up the hill to the SE of the stairs.

  • Have this character locate and stand on the pressure plate at the top of the hill. This will lower the nearby rock wall.
  • Use the lever on the other side of the rack wall to lock it open.
  • Will trigger combat with a group of Mecha-Rodents and Mecha-Roosters.

29. Leave the caverns passages and head NE out into the cold of Hiberheim along the edge of the map.

30. Continue NE until you reach a volatile area of lava and raining fire-rocks.

31. In the NE corner of this area is a group of Immaculates guarding a large door to a huge black fortress.

  • Defeat them to gain entry into the Elemental Forge.

32. Continue through the Elemental Forge until you reach The Conduit herself, conducting a ritual in front of a huge lava-fed forge.

  • After conversation, The Conduit will flee, leaving you to fight her transformed Enchanted Initiates.

33. Retrieve the Orders from one of the fallen Enchanted Initiates.

  • This is the spell needed to gain entrance into the King Boreas’ castle.

34. Exit the Elemental Forge and the volatile area, and turn NW and travel to the bridge at x:328 – y:229.

35. Cross the bridge into Hiberheim Castle.

  • Bridge is guarded by Watchful Sentinels.

36. The Castle Gate is closed off by a blue force field. Click on it to say the incantation that opens it.

37. Enter Hiberheim Castle.

38. Continue until you reach King Boreas’ room.

  • King Boreas plods around a raised platform in the center of the room.
  • At each corner of the room stands an elemental column behind a sentinel statue.
    • TOP: Earth column, Blooming Sentinel
    • RIGHT: Air column, Rumbling Sentinel
    • BOTTOM: Ice column, Frozen Sentinel
    • LEFT: Fire column, Incandescent Sentinel

39. Speak to King Boreas.

  • When combat starts, Quickly move your party out of the room, and back onto the bridge you came across.
  • King Boreas will call upon his staff and the elemental Sentinels in the room to fill it with their applicable magic, hindering you and aiding him.
  • Pull him out of the room and onto the bridge, out of the reach of the Sentinels’ powers.
  • If possible, equip your party with non-elemental weapons, and use non-elemental magic, to do more effective damage against King Boreas.

40. Once King Boreas is slain, retrieve his staff.

  • The three other kings of seasons, who are trapped within the staff, will speak to you.
  • They will tell you the only way for the staff to be destroyed, thereby releasing them from this prison, is to take the staff to the Elemental Forge, where it was created.

41. Return to the Elemental Forge.

42. Drag the staff from your inventory onto the Forge.

  • The captive elementals will be released.
  • Speak to them to learn King Boreas’ twisted tale.
  • Ask how to free the White Witch.

43. Exit the Elemental Forge area.

44. Head SW past Hiberheim Castle entrance to locate the large goblin head carved into the rock at x:319 – y:165.

  • Perception check the immediate area to discover a secret hatch.

45. Enter the secret hatch.

46. Follow the path NE until you reach a ladder leading up.

47. Climb up the ladder to enter the Prison.

48. You arrive in a securely-locked prison cell room.

  • Tyler the rat calls for your attention from the other side of the cell door.
  • Perception check the E corner of the cell to discover a hidden tunnel.

49. Use the tunnel to reach the next cell over, where the door is open.

50. Exit the cell, and use the iron rings on chains hanging on the columns to open the other prison cell doors.

  • If you have a character with the Pet Pal perk, talk to Tyler.

51. Talk to the prisoner Dhruin.

  • Click through his obviously ridiculous dialogue.

52. Prepare your character with the highest Sneaking score to go solo.

  • Don’t forget about Invisibility potions.

53. Send your solo character stealthily up the steps exiting the room to the SE.

  • If the invulnerable Watchful Sentinels in the next room spot you, they will trigger an alarm and a lava trap.

54. Continue up the steps to the SW.

55. Discover the Hiberheim Prison Waypoint Portal.

56. Use it to safely transport the rest of your party and regroup.

57. Continue on up the steps leading NW out of the room.

58. Proceed through this room, which has only half of it guarded by Watchful Sentinels.

  • They are guarding two chests, one in each far corner.
  • The Sentinels have two directions each that they can see when they turn.
  • With proper timing, you can loot the chests without being spotted.

59.Continue on into the cavern with large ice crystal formations.

  • Notice the large ice crystal in the center of the room, where the White Witch is imprisoned.
  • Click on her prison.

60. Use the Fire Rune given to you by Sua the Summer Kingdom elemental.

  • Sua will be summoned to your location, and he will release the White Witch from her prison.

61. Click through the dialogue with the White Witch (Icara) to finally learn about Councillor Jake’s death.

62. At Zixzax’s invitation, rift to The End of Time.

63. Walk through the multitude of skipping imps to Icara and Zixzax, standing next to The Weaver of Time.

64. Speak to Icara

  • She will tell you that you must find and face her sister, Leandra, in order to put an end to her, the Immaculates, and their evil plots.
  • To do so, you’ll need to locate the wizard Zandalore.

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Nice. Although after getting the duke’s letter you should talk to esmeralda. Once you have 3 strikes on her (the blade, the letter and the book) she will cast suion on the healer’s apprentice and Evelyn will flee.

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On September 27, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Nice. Although after getting the duke’s letter you should talk to esmeralda. Once you have 3 strikes on her (the blade, the letter and the book) she will cast suion on the healer’s apprentice and Evelyn will flee.


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