Divinity: Original Sin Walkthrough

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Dark Forest

Hunter’s Edge

Mill  x:278 – y:63

Ransacked House  x:299 – y:44

Tribesmen’s Warehouse  x:375 – y:40

Orcish Tavern  x:389 – y:71

Wizard’s House  x:448 – y:42

Waypoint Portals

Phantom Forest  x:57 – y:38
Phantom Forest Swamp x:298 – y:220
Phantom Forest North x:131 – y:251
Hunter’s Edge  x:345 – y:40

Off to See the Wizard

1. Rift travel to either the Sacred Stone Waypoint Portal, or to the Goblin Village Waypoint Portal, in Luculla Forest.

  • From the Sacred Stone portal, follow the river S until you reach the bridge at x:386 – y:375. Click on the bridge to travel to Dark Forest.
  • From the Goblin Village portal, follow the stone path E until you reach the bridge at x:290 – y:242. Click on the bridge to travel to Dark Forest.

2. Both routes will bring you to the Phantom Forest Waypoint Portal in Dark Forest. From there, follow the path and river SE to get to Hunter’s Edge.

3. Travel through Hunter’s Edge by keeping to the SW edge of the map. Once you pass through a stone archway and the weather clears, you have reached the Wizard’s grounds.

4. Approach the front of the Wizard’s House, where Jagor and a group stand talking.

  • Watch and let the scene play out.
  • Talk to Jagor.
  • He will lament the fact that there’s no one now to look after the Wizard’s grape vines and bee hives.

5. Walk around to the other side of the house, and inspect the bee hives.

  • Retrieve the Key Found in Beehive.

Wizard’s House

6. Enter the Wizard’s House.

  • BEWARE, the house is heavily trapped.
  • Notice there is a blue force field blocking the doorway into the next room.

7. Use your Teleport Pyramids to bypass the force field and get into the next room.

8. Walk to the wall and click the switch at x:464 – y:55.

9. Retrieve Zandalor’s Scroll from underneath the bear rug by the fireplace.

  • BEWARE, do not walk on the large square section of floor in front of the Mirror of Astarte.

10. Take the stairs up to the second floor.

11. Use the Teleport Pyramids to gain access to the room across from the stairs.

  • BEWARE, mines!

12. Use the Teleport Pyramids to gain access into the room with the Druid’s Personal Waypoint Shrine.

13. Use the House Defenses Master Switch to shut off all the house traps.

14. Use the Druid’s Personal Waypoint Shrine to teleport to Hunter’s Edge.

15. Head across the river and NW to the boulders at x:316 – y:17.

16. Destroy the boulders to uncover a secret trap door.

17. Use the trap door to enter the Hidden Cellar.

18. Talk to Zandalor’s servants.

  • Tell them the house traps have been shut off, and the way is clear for them to escape.

19. Use the Mirror of Astarte in the cellar to teleport back up to the house.

  • Make sure the character who uses the Mirror has the Portal Activation Crystal in their inventory.

20. Follow the instructions written on Zandalor’s Scroll to reveal the secret trap door.

21. Enter the revealed trap door down into the Wizard’s House – Cellar.

22. Loot all wanted items from here.

23. Take the stairs back up into the house.

24. Go to the top floor of the house.

25. Go into the room with the dormant Mirror of Astarte and the chest.

26. Click on the chest.

  • Answer “Icara” to the question the chest asks.
  • This will unlock the chest, allowing you to take its contents.

27. Light the four candleholders in the room to activate the Mirror of Astarte.

28. Use the Mirror to be teleported to the next room over.

29. Use the lever in the room to deactivate the blue force fields.

30. Retrieve the Titan Dictionary.

31. Rift travel to the Phantom Forest Waypoint Portal.

32. Travel E along the path until you reach a fallen hallow tree with a green spectral taint inside it.

33. Take a solo character with the Phantom Protection Amulet in their inventory and walk through the tree.

34. Search for a clear area beyond the green spectral taint.

35. Use the Portal Pyramid to regroup your party.

36. Head to the Source Temple grounds main entry at x:229 – y:21

  • The Phantom Forest is heavily guarded by patrolling Death Knights, Void Demons, Immaculates, Dread Orcs, and others.
  • The Source Temple grounds have multiple paths leading into it, each one well guarded. Scout around the perimeter to find the one that works best for your group.
  • The main Source Temple entrance is located at x:213 – y:286, and is guarded by an invulnerable Death Lord and a group of Immaculates.

37. Defeat the Death Lord and Immaculates guarding the Source Temple entrance.

  • Use Death Knight Bane to remove the Death Lord’s invulnerability for a few rounds.
  • Keep watch on the Death Lord to see when it regains invulnerable state.
  • Watch out for the Death Lord’s special attack: it will create a lava pool on a turn, and attempt to teleport one of your characters into it on the next turn.
  • If you have a character with the Teleport power, attempt to teleport the Death Lord into the lava pool for the kill.

38. Enter the Source Temple.

Source Temple

39. The path through the Source Temple involves your forced participation in the Trial of Ascension. This is the final challenge you’ll face before the ending boss battles, so make sure your characters are well equipped.

40. Follow the paths E to reach a broken Mirror of Astarte.

  • Your Journal will update, saying the main entrance into the Source Temple has been broken by Leandra, and you must accomplish the Trial of Ascension to enter.

41. Take the N path back to the W, until you see a path leading N that has been blocked by rocks.

42. Look to the R of the fallen rocks for a switch that will remove the rocks and open the passage.

43. Follow the passage N until you cross a bridge and reach a stone-face door.

44. Click on the door.

  • There are two things that can happen at this point.
  • 1) the door will open and allow you to continue, OR
  • 2) the door will tell you that you are not yet ready to enter, that you must continue to collect the fragments of your mind and soul.

44.1 The fragments of your mind and soul the stone-face door speaks of are the Star Stones.

  • You need to have collected AND activated enough of the Star Stones to open up all the portals in Homestead, thereby unlocking all the memories of your former selves.
  • Zixzax will keep track of these for you, and will tell you when you have collected all the memories.
  • If you do not have enough Star Stones, reference your Journal and complete the quests that will lead you to them.
  • Divinity: Original Sin – Blood Stone & Star Stone Locations Guide
  • Once you have collected AND activated enough Star Stones, return to the Source Temple and begin the Trial of Ascension.

45. The Source Temple consists of a central room surrounded by lots of smaller rooms. Walk through the central room, making sure to discover the local Waypoint Portal.

46. Continue on through the central room N for as far as you can go.

  • You’ll pass by three Pillars of Self-Awareness surrounding a large stone head.
  • At the back of the central room you’ll come to a large circular section with candles.
  • Close by are two bookcases; one full of books, the other one empty.
  • To the R of the candle section are more filled bookcases; this constitutes a small library.

47. Search this library for books that will give you clues to successfully completing the Trial of Ascension.

  • The Trial of Ascension Logs
  • The Ritual of Devotion

48. Return to the front of the central room, facing the large stone head.

49. There’s a pressure switch in front of the stone head. Have a character step on it to open a door to the R.

50. Go into the room and step on the next pressure switch.

  • This action will close the door you just came through, and open another door to the N.

51. Go into the next room to see another pressure switch, a skeleton on a stone table, and a beast statue.

  • Stepping on the pressure switch in here will trigger a poisonous gas trap, close the door you just came through, and open the E door in the previous room.
  • Clicking on the beast statue will deactivate the trap.
  • There is a button to the R of the N door to open that door. Click it and exit the room.

52. Proceed E to reach a broken bridge.

53. Cross the broken section of the bridge and get to the other side.

54. Move a character close enough to the broken stones to reach the door just beyond them, and open the door.

  • You will immediately discover a new Waypoint Portal.

55. Open your Rift Travel menu and travel to the newly discovered Waypoint (Phantom Forest – Source Temple Vault).

56. Clear away the lava to get to the NE part of the room and the first set of Trial Statues.

57. Click on each Trial Statue and attempt to solve the riddle.

  • ANSWER: destroy the LEFT Trial Statue with one of your two main characters.
  • A Pillar of Self-Awareness back in the central room will now be activated.

58. Get past the grated archways in the N of the room to get to the room containing the lies of gold and the Mirror of Astarte.

59. Click on the Mirror to transport to the next room.

60. Retrieve the Earth Gate Key from the pedestal in the S of the room.

61. Click the button to the R of the E door to open it and get back to the central room.

62. Run around to the immediate N and W of the room you just exited to get to the Earth Gate.

63. Open the Earth Gate and enter the passage.

64. Stop at the top of the stairs.

  • This hallway is guarded by two invulnerable Sentinels that will trigger lava traps when they spot you.
  • Destroy the Sentinels with Death Knight Bane.

65. Walk over the pressure switch to open the door at the end of the passage.

  • The switch will also trigger a continuous fireball trap. Hurry through the door!
  • Pulling the lever at the bottom of the stairs in this next room will deactivate the trap.

66. Retrieve the Air Gate Key from the pedestal near the E wall of the room.

67. Approach and click on the two Trial Statues here and attempt to solve the riddle.

  • ANSWER: destroy the LEFT Trail Statue with one of your two main characters.
  • A second Pillar of Self-Awareness in the central room will now be activated.

68. Return to the central room.

69. Click the pressure switch in front of the large stone head again.

70. Walk into the room, and then again into the room to the N.

71. With a solo character, walk over the pressure switch to trigger the poisonous gas trap and open the E door in the previous room.

72. Use the Teleporter Pyramids to regroup, then go E through the newly opened doorway.

73. Walk across the short bridge and open the Air Gate.

74. Go all the way through the room, through a wooden door, and into another room made up of a bunch of smaller rooms.

  • The objective here is to go through the small red trap doors in the smaller rooms in a certain way in order to get to the other side of the room.

75. Go down the steps to the first trap door.

  • Enter the door.
  • Room #1: Take the Perception Potion. A high Perception score is vital in this part of the Trial.
  • Enter the door.
  • Room #2: This purple-ish room has a locked chest.
  • Enter the door.
  • Room #3: Search the vases.
  • Enter the door.
  • Room #4: Retrieve the Purple Room Chest Key.
  • Enter the door.
  • Room #5: Perception check the N corner of the room to discover a buried chest.
  • If you have Teleport capability, teleport the chest from the static cloud room into this room.
  • Enter the door.
  • Room #6: Clear away the lava in the adjoining room and retrieve the Lava Chest Key.
  • Enter the door.
  • Room #7: The trap door in here leads back to the starting door. If you want to get to the other chests, enter this door and retrace the route to get to where you want to go.
  • Go past the grated doorway and into the adjoining room.
  • Perception check the N corner of the room, to the L of the trap door, for a button that opens a hidden door to the next room over.
  • Enter the room.
  • Room #8: Enter the door. This door will take you to the objective on the other side of the room.

76. Walk up the steps to the NE to get to the third set of Trial Statues.

77. Click on the Trial Statues and attempt to solve the riddle.

  • ANSWER: From your character’s perspective, destroy the R Statue with one of your two main characters.
  • This will the third and final Pillar of Self-Awareness in the central room.

78. Walk down the steps to another Mirror of Astarte.

  • Use the Mirror to transport back to the central room.

79. Walk to each Pillar of Self-Awareness and retrieve the book lying on their tables.

  • The Three Aspects of Man: Body
  • The Three Aspects of Man: Mind
  • The Three Aspects of Man: Soul
  • Read the books.

80. Return to the large circular section with candles at the N of the central room.

81. Light the candles in the manner given in each of The Three Aspects of Man books.

  • Light the center candle. Wait.
  • Light three candles. Wait.
  • Light all eight of the outer circle of candles. Wait.
  • The empty bookcase nearby will slide to reveal a hidden door.

82. Go through the bookcase door.

83. Follow the cavern passage down into the molten depths until you reach the wizard, Zandalore.

84. Click through the dialogue with Zandalore.

85. Rift travel to The End of Time.

86. Zixzax will greet you there. Follow him up the flight of steps to the entrance to the First Garden, where Zandalore and Icara wait.

87. Click through the dialogue.

88. Once you enter the First Garden, there’s no coming back. Make sure your party is fully equipped and prepared.

89. Save the game!

90. Enter the First Garden.

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