Divinity: Original Sin Walkthrough

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The First Garden

1. Have your two main characters stand on each of the two pressure switches just before the stairs.

  • This will trigger the door to open, and Leandra will appear.

2. Click through the dialogue with Leandra.

  • During the dialogue, you’ll be given the choice to reforge the souls of Leandra and Icara back together, or not.
  • After the dialogue is complete, Icara, Leandra, and Zandalore will teleport away.

3. Go through the door and into the Garden grounds.

4. Follow the path down to the lowest level, where The Godbox rests.

5. Speak with The Trife, and click through the dialogue.

6. After the dialogue ends, battle with The Trife will immediately begin.

  • Astarte will float down and join your side in the battle. Astarte will not do much actual fighting, instead focusing on supporting your group with Bless, Curse, Fortify, Haste, and Water of Life spells.
  • The Trife will constantly summon Shadow creatures to aid him.
  • The Trife is immune to Stunning and Bleeding.

7. Defeat The Trife.

8. Almost immediately after defeating The Trife and his minions, the Void Dragon will swoop in and combat will begin again.

  • If your group is on or close to the steps, the Void Dragon will not enter the scene, giving you some time to heal up, make repairs, and prepare for the next round of battle.
  • Approaching the GodBox or moving past it will bring in the Void Dragon.

9. Defeat the Void Dragon.

  • BEWARE: If both your main characters die, OR if Astarte dies, you lose.
  • Astarte will move out further onto the battlefield, and will stay in one place the entire fight.
  • The Void Dragon’s high initiative may give him the first turn.
  • Void Dragon’s first attacks may be against Astarte, so be prepared to heal her quickly.
  • Void Dragon will also stay in one place for the fight.
  • Void Dragon will constantly summon Shadow creatures.

10. At the Void Dragon’s defeat, watch the cutscene play out.

11. Click through the dialogue with Astarte.

12. Click through the final dialogue with Zixzax. THE END.

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On August 8, 2014 at 12:39 pm

Nice. Although after getting the duke’s letter you should talk to esmeralda. Once you have 3 strikes on her (the blade, the letter and the book) she will cast suion on the healer’s apprentice and Evelyn will flee.