Divinity: Original Sin – Whiskey in the Jar Quest Solutions Guide

Brew an impossible whiskey the easy way in Divinity: Original Sin with some help from our “Whiskey in the Jar” Steam achievement guide. Once you reach the occupied town of Hunter’s Edge, therer are find many citizens begging for help to deal with rowdy Orcs. At the tavern, the barkeep needs finely aged spirits that aren’t so easy to come by. Learn how to tackle the task with the list of solutions below.

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Whiskey in the Jar Quest Solutions Guide

To start the quest to brew a unique whiskey, enter the tavern in the Hunter’s Edge zone and speak with the barkeep Herschel.

For instructions, you’ll need to enter Glen’s house left of the tavern on your map. Loot the basement to gain a note explaining each step — but it doesn’t say how to complete each task to brew the whiskey.

1. Obtain Water

Water is the first ingredient. Find it on the western side of town. There’s a well with a bucket — take the bucket and use it with the well to gain a full bucket of water.

2. Obtain Barley

There are farm fields south of town. Travel to the tall stalks and pick some to gain the barley you’ll need.

3. Mash the Barley

Return to the well on the west side and enter the mill. Here, you can use barley on the milling stone to mash it into grist.

4. Mix Grist

The next step is fairly self-explanatory, just combine the grist with the bucket full of well water to gain another ingredient — wort.

5. Create Spirit

Now you can brew whiskey. Go to Glen’s basement and add the wort to the still to get your barrel of whiskey.

6. Age the Whiskey

Now for the tricky part. The whiskey needs to be aged or thirty years. That can’t be done anywhere on Earth. Teleport to The End of Time and talk to Zixzax the Imp. He’ll age the whiskey for you.

With every step complete, return to Herschel to complete the quest and unlock the “Whiskey in the Jar” Steam achievement.

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