DmC: Devil May Cry Walkthrough

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  • Mission 1: Found
  • Mission 2: Home Truths
  • Mission 3: Bloodline
  • Mission 4: Under Watch
  • Mission 5: Virility
  • Mission 6: Secret Ingredient
  • Mission 7: Overturn
  • Mission 8: Eyeless
  • Mission 9: Devil Inside
  • Mission 10: Bad News
  • Mission 11: The Order
  • Mission 12: Under Siege
  • Mission 13: Devil’s Dalliance
  • Mission 14: Last Dance
  • Mission 15: The Trade
  • Mission 16: The Plan
  • Mission 17: Furnace of Souls
  • Mission 18: Demon’s Den
  • Mission 19: Face of the Demon
  • Mission 20: The End
  • Mission 11: The Order

    1. Use your aquila to clear out the large group of creatures in front of you activate the next cut scene to encounter the robotic sawblade enemy, then roll backwards to dodge each of the demon’s attacks and sprint in close to attack his vulnerable pelvis area.
    2. Continue striking the sawblade demon’s vulnerable pelivs and dodging his arm swipes until the enemy explodes, then defeat the next group of creatures to emerge from the ground and activate a short cut scene.
    3. Afterwards, use the next series of angel lifts above to reach the wooden platform at the top and follow the on-screen instructions to throw your aquila at the patch of blue vines in front of you.
    4. Cut through the blue vines across from you and use the next angel lift to enter the building ahead, then smash through the red doorway in the corner and use the divinity statue to purchase any necessary items or upgrades.
    5. Smash the red indicator on the floor to land on the next level below and cut down the blue vines in the corner, then use your aquila to slice through a second patch of blue vines across from you and double-jump-boost over the gap to collect the star.
    6. Turn around to drop through the previous hole and smash open the red doorway in the corner to activate a short cut scene, then proceed forward down the hall to and turn left to approach the indicated spot on the floor.
    7. Smash down through the floor to land on the level below and break open the red dooryway in the corner to activate another short cut scene, then drop into the next room and jump over the sawblade demon’s first shockwave attack.
    8. Remain at a safe distance and use your aquila to eliminate the surrounding enemies in the room, then finish defeating the saw blade demon at close-range to encounter the witch and tyrant that appear afterwards.
    9. Stay on the move with evasive rolling maneuvers and use your aquila to defeat the remaining demons in the room, then exit through the doorway that becomes unblocked and descend the next set of steps.
    10. Proceed through the next doorway that is blown open to continue forward through the hall and enter the room at the end, then free the lost soul stuck in the wall and use your aquila to defeat another group of demons.
    11. Slice through the patch of blues vines above and use angel lift to land in the next room, then fire your pistols to destroy the shards that appear ahead and activate demon trigger to eliminate the enemy wave that follows.
    12. Exit the room to descend the stairs and make a right at the bottom to pass in front of the open doorway, then turn right again in the red-lit corner to proceed through the corridor ahead and stop at the dead end that appears.
    13. Turn around to eliminate the next enemy and free the lost soul embedded in the wall, then return to the previous open doorway and head forward through the hall to descend the staircase in the left corner at the end.
    14. Visit the divinity statue at the bottom of the steps to purchase any necessary items and upgrades, then move through the open doorway on the left to climb the next staircase beside you and collect the Small Devil Trigger Star at the top.
    15. Make your way back down the steps to turn left at the bottom and proceed through the corridor ahead to enter the next room below, then eliminate the enemies that crop up in front of you and use the aquila or combination strikes at close-range to defeat the sawblade demon.
    16. Continue moving forward across the room to activate a cut scene and encounter the red-masked demon armed with swords, then roll towards this enemy consistently to stay within close-range at all times and attack with the aquila and various other combination strikes.
    17. Each time the red-masked enemy disappears into his portal, roll sideways repeatedly until he reappears and quickly approach him at close-range to continue your assault.
    18. Defeat the red-masked demon and exit the room through the next doorway that opens ahead, then proceed forward into the next area to activate a cut scene and complete this mission.

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