DmC: Devil May Cry Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

  • Mission 1: Found
  • Mission 2: Home Truths
  • Mission 3: Bloodline
  • Mission 4: Under Watch
  • Mission 5: Virility
  • Mission 6: Secret Ingredient
  • Mission 7: Overturn
  • Mission 8: Eyeless
  • Mission 9: Devil Inside
  • Mission 10: Bad News
  • Mission 11: The Order
  • Mission 12: Under Siege
  • Mission 13: Devil’s Dalliance
  • Mission 14: Last Dance
  • Mission 15: The Trade
  • Mission 16: The Plan
  • Mission 17: Furnace of Souls
  • Mission 18: Demon’s Den
  • Mission 19: Face of the Demon
  • Mission 20: The End
  • Mission 12: Under Siege

    1. Follow Kat over to the support beam ahead and pull on the circle she paints to start bring down the ceiling, then repeat this action on the other beam to cave in the room and bury the SWAT team.
    2. Wait for Kat to finish painting a red circle on the nearby brick wall and pull on it to create an exit, then descend into the tunnel below and continue forward to bring down the next wall ahead.
    3. Climb the steps on the left to move through the door that opens at the top and turn the corner ahead to activate a pair of cut scenes, then follow Kat up the next long staircase to enter the room above and wait for her to unlock the exit.
    4. Continue following Kat through the next series of rooms and climb the steps at the end to activate another cut scene, then approach her location to pull on the red circle she paints and wait for the SWAT team member to walk in front of it.
    5. Pull the console into the SWAT team member to continue following Kat through the next series of rooms and security doors until a cut scene is activated, then use carefully timed strikes to parry the Butcher’s blades back at him and sprint in close for combination strikes to defeat this enemy.
    6. Approach the pentagram symbol to activate the next cut scene, then rush towards the first demon wave that appears in front of you to start clearing them out with launch attacks and combination weapon strikes.
    7. Keep a safe distance at first by eliminating enemies one-by-one and fending off the rest of the demon with your aquila, then jump into the air to avoid being surrounded and use a ground pound attack to keep them at bay.
    8. Focus on the larger enemies that appear first and use your devil trigger if necessary to help you clear out these threats more efficiently, then keep a constant eye on demons that fire projectiles and execute parrying or evasive rolling maneuvers to defend against these attacks.
    9. Defeat the Butcher to activate a cut scene and encounter the Rage Spawn, then use aquila to create a constant barrier of blades around yourself and eliminate the wave of approaching enemies.
    10. Fire your pistols repeatedly towards the center of the room to clear out the series of demon shard that continue appearing and use evasive sideways rolling maneuvers to escape any oncoming danger, the continue this assault tactic to activate a short cut scene and acquire the Revenant.
    11. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: More than just a few sparks (10 points): You have acquired Revenant.
    12. Approach the large hole in the floor at close range, then follow the on-screen instructions to equip the revenant shotgun and start firing it at the demon shards that appear in front of you to activate another short cut scene.
    13. Afterwards, search the surrounding room until another wave of rage spawn appear and quickly clear them out with a variety of aquila attacks.
    14. Use angel lifts with combinations strikes to eliminate the next group of flying demons and execute ground pound attacks with your fists to clear out the enemies on the ground, then finish clearing the area to encounter more Rage creatures and defeat them using a series of aquila or launching assaults to complete this mission.

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