DmC: Devil May Cry Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

  • Mission 1: Found
  • Mission 2: Home Truths
  • Mission 3: Bloodline
  • Mission 4: Under Watch
  • Mission 5: Virility
  • Mission 6: Secret Ingredient
  • Mission 7: Overturn
  • Mission 8: Eyeless
  • Mission 9: Devil Inside
  • Mission 10: Bad News
  • Mission 11: The Order
  • Mission 12: Under Siege
  • Mission 13: Devil’s Dalliance
  • Mission 14: Last Dance
  • Mission 15: The Trade
  • Mission 16: The Plan
  • Mission 17: Furnace of Souls
  • Mission 18: Demon’s Den
  • Mission 19: Face of the Demon
  • Mission 20: The End
  • Mission 14: Last Dance

    1. As soon as the boss battle begins, double-jump over the demon’s initial shockwave attack and use angel lift on the monster’s small left-side arm to execute mid-air combination strikes at close-range.
    2. Continue the previously listed assault until the monster opens its third blue eye and hit this vulnerable area with your angel lift to attack it at close range, then strike the demon’s eye repeatedly and boost backwards to avoid the enemy’s swinging claws.
    3. Slash the boss’ eye until he closes it, then use angel lift to reel yourself back in towards the monster’s arm and continue inflicting damage to this appendage until the lower health bar is depleted.
    4. Following the next short cut scene, target the bottom half of the woman protruding from the monster’s underbelly and fire your demon pull to yank the mistress’ entire body out into the open.
    5. Execute multiple combination strikes on the defenseless mistress until a cut scene is activated and she is sucked back into the larger monster, then run in a circle around the boss and boost sideways as he attacks to move directly behind him.
    6. Fire demon pull to expose the vulnerable blue area on the monster’s rear arm and use angel lift to reel yourself in close, then execute multiple mid-air striking combinations to inflict further damage until the enemy’s third eye is revealed again.
    7. Attack the monster’s third blue eye to drain the lower health bar again and use demon pull to remove the woman from his belly for a second time, then assault the mistress with combination strikes to continue inflicting damage to her and activate devil trigger if possible to hasten the process.
    8. After the mistress is sucked back into the monster’s body, move in a circle around the boss to dodge another of his oncoming charges and use demon pull to expose his vulnerable arm for a third time.
    9. Continue targeting the boss’ rear arm and third eye to bring the mistress out into the open for a final time, then finish her off with a series of combination strikes to complete this mission.
    10. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Whatever, Lady (20 points): You have defeated Mundus’ spawn.

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