DmC: Devil May Cry Walkthrough

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  • Mission 1: Found
  • Mission 2: Home Truths
  • Mission 3: Bloodline
  • Mission 4: Under Watch
  • Mission 5: Virility
  • Mission 6: Secret Ingredient
  • Mission 7: Overturn
  • Mission 8: Eyeless
  • Mission 9: Devil Inside
  • Mission 10: Bad News
  • Mission 11: The Order
  • Mission 12: Under Siege
  • Mission 13: Devil’s Dalliance
  • Mission 14: Last Dance
  • Mission 15: The Trade
  • Mission 16: The Plan
  • Mission 17: Furnace of Souls
  • Mission 18: Demon’s Den
  • Mission 19: Face of the Demon
  • Mission 20: The End
  • Mission 5: Virility

    1. Follow Kat through the tunnel ahead to navigate the series of underground corridors below and reach the factory floor to activate a cut scene, then move between the rows of crates in front of you and turn the next corner.
    2. Approach the center of the open room around the corner to activate another cut scene and travel to Limbo, then jump across the line of containers in front of you to take a left at the fork above and use demon pull to dislodge the next shelf below the word “POISON”.
    3. Move forward across the next container to stop at the edge and fire your demon pull to remove the obstruction in front of you, then use the pair of angel lifts ahead to swing across the gap and land on the platform at the end.
    4. Use demon pull to create a bridge from each of the containers ahead and land on the next ledge above, then eliminate the surrounding enemies that appear and climb onto the crates to your left.
    5. Make your way onto the uppermost crate and swing between the series of angel lifts above to land on the shelf at the end, then approach the edge in front of you and pull open the red shipping container doors in the distance.
    6. Swing across the gap ahead to jump into the red shipping container and continue moving forward to encounter Hell Knight, then remain at a safe distance to avoid the fiery shockwave that follows and use your arbiter to start inflicting damage on the enemy.
    7. Execute launching attacks and combination strikes with your arbiter to defeat the Hell Knight, then clear out the next demon wave that appears around you by using previous tactics to eliminate enemies such as Tyrants and Shielded Pathos.
    8. Finish clearing out the demons to climb through the wall of crates on the right and collect another key, then return to the previous area and exit via the archway that recently became unblocked.
    9. Navigate the corridor on the left to reach the room stocked with poison at the end and use the Divinity Statue to purchase any necessary items or upgrades, then continue down the hall to encounter the demon shards and destroy them with your pistols.
    10. Ascend the pile of crates marked with writing in front of you and turn left at the top to move through the next doorway, then approach the end of the bridge on your right and use demon pull to eliminate the enemies flying above.
    11. Use demon pull to transport yourself over to the next ledge and free the lost soul on the right, then turn around to approach the opposite end of the tunnel and double-jump-boost across the chasm ahead to land on the platform in the distance.
    12. Jump across the gaps in the path of debris ahead and use the angel lift at the end to reach the next ledge, then follow the line of rubble on the left to land on the shelf in the corner and climb the pile of crates to reach the level above.
    13. Free the lost soul on the right and make your way forward across the ledge behind you, then make the next right turn ahead to encounter the knight enemies and eliminate them with the help of Demon Mode.
    14. Move towards the giant letters that spell “STUPIDITY” on the far wall and climb the staircase on the right to reach the level above, then make your way across the ledge to turn the next corner and free another lost soul.
    15. Drop back to the floor below to move through the nearby open doorway and follow the corridor around to activate the cut scene in the room at the end, then use a string of combination sword and scythe strikes to eliminate the demon wave that appears in front of you.
    16. Stand between the two knights that appear next and wait for one of them to start a projectile attack, then quickly roll sideways to dodge the threat and allow it to strike the other enemy as an act of Friendly Fire.
    17. Finish clearing the room of enemies and destroy the three demon shards that appear next by staying on the move, then exit through the open doorway in the corner and proceed forward along the corridor to enter the area with giant vines on the walls.
    18. Follow the hallway to jump over the pool of acid and make your next right to enter another corridor, then continue forward across the arrow on the floor and turn the corner ahead.
    19. Make your first left turn to slice through the patch of blue vines ahead and collect the items on the other side, then turn around to take the next available second left and clear another two pools of acid.
    20. Turn left down the next hallway and make another left ahead to smash through the red door with your arbiter, then descend the steps to collect from the barrels below and return to the previous corridor.
    21. Continue forward down the hall to make your first right turn ahead and navigate the corridors above to activate a cut scene in the room at the end, then use a string of sword combinations to eliminate the next wave of demons and knights.
    22. Fight your way around the circular ledge and defeat the pair of Tyrants that appear by keeping the green slime on the floor between you, while striking their backs with sword combinations, then approach Kat’s location to activate a cut scene and complete this mission.

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