DmC: Devil May Cry Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

  • Mission 1: Found
  • Mission 2: Home Truths
  • Mission 3: Bloodline
  • Mission 4: Under Watch
  • Mission 5: Virility
  • Mission 6: Secret Ingredient
  • Mission 7: Overturn
  • Mission 8: Eyeless
  • Mission 9: Devil Inside
  • Mission 10: Bad News
  • Mission 11: The Order
  • Mission 12: Under Siege
  • Mission 13: Devil’s Dalliance
  • Mission 14: Last Dance
  • Mission 15: The Trade
  • Mission 16: The Plan
  • Mission 17: Furnace of Souls
  • Mission 18: Demon’s Den
  • Mission 19: Face of the Demon
  • Mission 20: The End
  • Mission 6: Secret Ingredient

    1. Make your way down the tunnel ahead to double-jump-boost across the gaps in the floor and eliminate the surrounding demons each time you lane, then use a series of angel lifts to clear the chasm at the end and defeat the next wave of enemies that appears.
    2. Stop at the edge ahead and use your demon pull to dislodge the next platform above, then vault up onto it and double-jump boost across the next gap in front of you.
    3. Use angel lift to swing across the next chasm and free the lost soul on the backside of the first platform above to your left, then continue moving forward through the tunnel ahead and jump over the gap in the floor.
    4. Swing across two more chasms to reach the spinning ventialtion fan on the opposite ledge and pull open the indicated grate on your left to activate a cut scene, then continue moving forward to reach the end of the pipeline.
    5. Following the next cut scene, visit the divinity statue ahead on the right to purchase any necessary items or upgrades and continue moving forward to make a left in front of the narrow doorway.
    6. Use a copper key to open the door on the ledge in the corner and travel to a new world to activate the Copper – Rapid Descent challenge, then make your down the various platforms below to collect all 20 of the checkered flags before time expires.
    7. Collect your prize to return to the previous world and jump across the gap beside you to land on the bridge again, then make a left through the narrow doorway to approach the enormous cocoon in the distance and activate a cut scene to encounter Succubus.
    8. Sprint towards Succubus to vault over the monster’s sweeping arm and attack the vulnerable red spot on his head with jumping sword strikes, then continue lashing out until the demon’s hands glow yellow and retreat to a safe distance to avoid the lava spray.
    9. Approach the left side of the ledge to use the angel lift above and swing across the lake of lava to land on the next platform, then continue attacking Succubus at close-range and jump over his sweeping arms.
    10. Hack away at the monster’s hands during the moments in which the red spot on his head is closed and drain Succubus’ health bar to knock him unconscious, then use your demon pull to disconnect the yellow cable above and activate another cut scene.
    11. Afterwards, approach the angel lift on the right to swing across the lava pool and land on the next platform below.
    12. Continue attacking Succubus at close range to start draining his yellow health bar and vault over the repeated arm swipes, then use the angel lift on the right to escape the monster’s next lava spray and swing to the platform across from you.
    13. Execute multiple sword strike combinations on Succubus’ head and hands until his yellow health bar is drained to knock him unconscious, then use angel lift on the right to swing across the lava pool and land on the next platform above.
    14. Use demon pull to disconnect another of the cables above and use the angel lift on the left to land on the platform below, then sprint towards Succubus at close-range to continue attacking him with combination sword strikes and roll backwards to avoid his smashing fists.
    15. Drain Succubus’s white health bar until the monster collapses onto the platform, then use demon pull to defeat this enemy and activate a cut scene.
    16. Afterwards, jump across the gap in front of you to pass through the narrow opening ahead and continue moving forward to encounter Succubus again.
    17. Double-jump to reach the platform ahead on the right and use demon pull to remove some of the rubble surrounding Succubus, then fire demon pull again to dislodge the monster for a second time and approach the left side of the ledge.
    18. Use angel lift to land on the next platform to the left and approach Succubus’ location in front of you, then hack away at the monster’s hands with your sword to finally defeat him and complete this mission.

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