DmC: Vergil’s Downfall DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • MISSION 1: Personal Hell
  • MISSION 2: Hollow
  • MISSION 3: Power Struggle
  • MISSION 4: Heartless
  • MISSION 5: Own Shadow
  • MISSION 6: Another Chance
  • MISSION 1: Personal Hell

    1. After the opening cut scene, sprint forward up the path ahead to approach the right corner of the mansion in the distance and jump onto the next tiled ledge above.
    2. Jump-dash across the series of dirt platforms ahead to land in front of the church on the other side and activate a short cut scene, then use combinations strikes and your Summoned Sword to eliminate groups of demons that appear next.
    3. Climb the staircase in the corner to enter the church and activate another cut scene, then turn the left corner ahead to free the lost soul and proceed in the direction of the ghostly child to collect the green-glowing item.
    4. Exit the building through the next corridor on the right and target the structure ahead in the distance to bring it in closer, then jump-dash across the gap in front of you to continue moving forward and land on the dirt platform at the opposite end of the enclosure.
    5. Bonus Item: Turn right to jump-dash onto the dirt platform ahead and turn right again to collect the green-glowing item on the ledge across from you.
    6. Turn left to jump-dash across the next two gaps and collect the lost soul in the corner, then return to the previous platform and pull yourself up onto the ledge above to the left.
    7. Proceed forward through the corridor in front of you and jump over the next hole in the floor ahead, then turn right to bust through the barricaded door and collect the item on the other side.
    8. Drop through the previous hole in the ground to continue down the hall and step onto the next circular green floor symbol to activate a cut scene in which you encounter the Wisp.
    9. Teleport yourself closer to the Wisp repeatedly to attack this enemy with multiple combination strikes and defeat the next wave of smaller demons that appear next, then finish clearing the room and exit through the adjacent red-lit doorway.
    10. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: We have an uninvited guest (Bronze): Defeat a Wisp.
    11. Make the first left turn ahead to free another lost soul and proceed forward down the previous corridor to purchase any necessary upgrades or items at the next divinity statue, then turn move right to exit the building and activate another cut scene.
    12. Bonus Item: Drop down the ledges on your right and double-jump-dash up into the room above beside you.
    13. Afterwards, head down the path on your left to eliminate another group of demons and jump-dash across the gap at the end.
    14. Turn right to teleport the next piece of debris closer to you and use it to start jumping across the series of ledges ahead, then pull yourself up onto the second floor of the structure at the end and proceed forward through the open doorway.
    15. Jump-dash off the second floor to land on the walkway below and teleport towards the pair of winged demons ahead to eliminate them with mid-air combination strikes, then finish clearing the area of all remaining threats to activate a short action sequence and sprint to the upper right corner of the ground crumbling around you.
    16. Transfer onto the next piece of land to continue sprinting across it and jump-dash over the gap ahead, then teleport yourself up onto the rock ledge above and proceed forward.
    17. Teleport yourself between the string of blue-glowing transfer points above and land in front of the Paradise gateway on the other side, then approach the entrance to encounter another group of demons and clear them out with multiple combination strikes.
    18. Attack each of the enemies that appear one at a time until you are eventually surrounded by the others, then teleport outside of the group and target the closest demon to continue your assault.
    19. Finish clearing the area of all remaining threats to activate a cut scene and complete this mission.

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