DmC: Vergil’s Downfall DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • MISSION 1: Personal Hell
  • MISSION 2: Hollow
  • MISSION 3: Power Struggle
  • MISSION 4: Heartless
  • MISSION 5: Own Shadow
  • MISSION 6: Another Chance
  • MISSION 2: Hollow

    1. Use mid-air combination strikes to eliminate the groups of multiple enemies and finish clearing the immediate area of all remaining threats, then move through the stone archway to spot your current destination.
    2. Double-jump-dash vertically onto the ledge above to your right and clear the gap across the stone archway to collect the cross, then use the teleport point ahead to continue traveling forward along the side of the building and pull the next indicated piece of debris in closer to you.
    3. Climb the next staircase ahead to use the pair of teleport points at the top and proceed forward over the ledges in front of you to eliminate the next wave of flying demons, then finish clearing the area and press the indicated buttons by the portal to enter it.
    4. Visit the divinity statue in front of you to purchase any necessary upgrades and items, then use the pair of teleport points on the left to reach the ledge above and pull the next indicted piece of debris in closer.
    5. Jump to the next platform ahead to use another teleport point and continue moving forward to eventually land in front of another stone archway below, then pass through it to use another pair of teleport points and turn left on the ledge at the top to free a lost soul.
    6. Pass through the next stone archway ahead and use the teleport point to land on the ledge above, then approach the portal to your left and activate angel mode to defeat the wisp that appears nearby.
    7. Use a series of evasion and combination launching strike tactics to eliminate the chainsaw demons that remain, then enter the portal to travel to the next area and teleport through the entire length of the alleyway ahead to activate a cut scene.
    8. Afterwards, deflect the projectiles thrown by flying demons that appear next to launch them back at these enemies and finish clearing the area with a series of launching mid-air combination strikes.
    9. Enter the next portal to travel to a new area and visit the divinity statue on the left to purchase any necessary upgrades or items, then teleport onto the first rock platform ahead of you and quickly double-jump-dash onto the one positioned diagonally to your right.
    10. Clear the gap in front of you to climb the staircase above on the right and teleport at the top to land on the next overhead ledge, then proceed forward to approach the open doorway and eliminate the next enemy wave that appears.
    11. Use launching combination strikes to eliminate enemies one-by-one and execute dashing evasive maneuvers often to avoid being surrounded, then defeat the remaining chainsaw demons and wisps as you did before to complete this mission.

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