DmC: Vergil’s Downfall DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • MISSION 1: Personal Hell
  • MISSION 2: Hollow
  • MISSION 3: Power Struggle
  • MISSION 4: Heartless
  • MISSION 5: Own Shadow
  • MISSION 6: Another Chance
  • MISSION 3: Power Struggle

    1. Jump-dash across the series of stone platforms ahead to pass through the broken archways on the left and teleport to the ledge above on the right to free a lost soul, then drop back to the ground below and teleport into the next enclosure in front of you.
    2. Proceed forward through the series of archways and activate demon mode with combination launching strikes to clear out the next group of enemies that appears ahead.
    3. To eliminate the shielded demons with greater ease, use evasive dashing maneuvers to move around behind these enemies and launch them into the air for a series of follow-up combination strikes.
    4. Finish clearing the area to unblock the surrounding archways and approach Dante’s ghostly form on the next ledge above, then turn left to target the indicated train car and toss it sideways to activate a cut scene.
    5. Afterwards, use the series of teleportation points above on your left to land on top of the train at the end and target the next car in front of you to dislodge it from the tunnel entrance.
    6. Teleport into the train tunnel to pass through the archway ahead on the right and shoot the platform below to make it solid, then proceed forward across the tops of the two train cars and use the teleportation point at the end to dash onto the next rock platform in mid-air.
    7. Jump-dash into the green-lit tunnel ahead and turn left to look out through the hole in the wall, then destroy the indicated obstruction above and teleport up onto the train tracks above.
    8. Make your next left turn to visit the divinity statue in the corner and purchase any necessary upgrades or items, then continue down the corridor on the right and proceed forward across the open train station area at the end.
    9. Approach Dante’s ghostly image to see the bars come down between you and activate devil trigger to start clearing out the demons that appear, then use Spiral Swords to eliminate multiple surrounding enemies in close proximity and continue attacking the hostiles to refill your gauge each time.
    10. Eliminate the group of shielded demons and approach the massive club-handed enemy that emerges next, then wait for this monster to raise his fist and dash around behind him to attack with a series of demon trigger-charged combination strikes until he is defeated.
    11. Move through the doorway that becomes unbarred to jump across the next gap in the floor and climb the staircase on your right to exit the station, then shoot the train car ahead on the right to make it solid and land on top of it.
    12. Shoot the next train car to make it solid and jump on top of it, then use the teleportation point above to activate a cut scene.
    13. Afterwards, free the newt lost soul ahead on the right and proceed forward through the corridor to visit the divinity statue in the corner at the end.
    14. Exit the hallway to eliminate the next group of demons by starting with the flying ones first and activate devil trigger, then finish clearing the area with the help of combinations strikes and by repeatedly throwing your sword.
    15. Jump across the stone ledges on your left to pass through the open doorway at the end and turn right to clear the next gap between the enclosed corridors, then turn right again to teleport up through the hole in the wall and continue teleporting to land on the metal catwalk below.
    16. Turn right to teleport for a final time and spot Dante’s entering the portal in the distance, then sprint forward along the top of the wall you’re on to encounter another group of enemies and activate devil trigger to quickly slash through them.
    17. Use devil trigger attacks and jumping projectile strikes to help you finish clearing the area, then enter the nearby portal to travel to the next world and locate Dante again.
    18. Shoot the next two platforms in front of you to solidify and jump across them, then teleport onto the third one to continue this changing pattern of ascent and eventually reach Dante at the top to complete this mission.

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