DmC: Vergil’s Downfall DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • MISSION 1: Personal Hell
  • MISSION 2: Hollow
  • MISSION 3: Power Struggle
  • MISSION 4: Heartless
  • MISSION 5: Own Shadow
  • MISSION 6: Another Chance
  • MISSION 4: Heartless

    1. Use evasive maneuvers to dodge the winged enemy’s projectiles attacks and throw swords at this demon repeatedly to weaken it, then wait for creature to move in close and finish her off with a series of launching combination strikes.
    2. Activate demon trigger to help you clear the area of the surrounding demons that appear next and climb the staircase in the corner to jump-dash across the gap at the top, then turn right to solidify the next platform and land on it to reach the stone ledge above on your left.
    3. Jump to the next staircase ahead to enter the portal at the top and travel to a new world, then follow the path in front of you around the corner to use the series of teleportation points above and reach the ledge on the other side.
    4. Approach the portal ahead to encounter the next group of enemies and start eliminating them with launching combination strikes, then activate devil trigger to help you defeat the wisps that appear and enter the nearby portal to travel to a new world.
    5. Climb the steps in front of you to visit the divinity statue at the top and shoot the two platforms on your right to solidify them, then ascend to the next ledge above and teleport across the gap ahead.
    6. Collect the cross on your right and return to the top of the previous staircase below, then move through the next open doorway ahead and break through the barricade directly beside you to collect another cross.
    7. Proceed forward through the previous hallway to jump over the next obstacle and smash through the barricade at the end to exit the corridor, then cross the clearing in front of you to encounter another group of demons and activate devil trigger to start eliminating them.
    8. Dash around the large club-fisted enemy that appears next to avoid each of his attacks before they can connect and strike the monster’s backside repeatedly with your sword, then finish clearing the area to move through the next open doorway ahead and teleport over to the portal in the distance.
    9. Enter the portal to cross the next land bridge in front of you and clear the gap at the end, then shoot the platform ahead in the distance and double-jump-dash to land on it.
    10. Jump to the next ledge ahead and wait for the land mass on your left to rotate flat-side up, then shoot the platform to solidify it and teleport to the portal above to encounter another wave of demons.
    11. Use evasive maneuvers repeatedly to dodge the volley of oncoming projectiles and swat some of them back at the winged demons to inflict damage, then execute mid-air striking combinations to clear out the flock of enemies above and the hostile forces on the ground as well.
    12. Activate devil trigger to eliminate the wisps and finish clearing out the remaining enemies in the area, then enter the next portal to travel to a new world and proceed forward.
    13. Teleport the indicated piece of debris above on the left to move it in front of you and teleport over the gap ahead, then turn right halfway through crossing the next bridge and shoot the platform in the distance.
    14. Double-jump-dash to land on the platform you just solidified and teleport onto the next ledge above, then enter the nearby portal to travel to a new world and proceed forward across another bridge to climb the steps on the other side.
    15. Visit the divinity statue on the right and proceed forward between the columns ahead to teleport onto the next ledge above, then climb the staircase in front of you to teleport again at the top and approach the grave ahead to encounter a new breed of demon.
    16. Keep a safe distance from the enemy to sidesteps its projectile attacks and launch your sword at the demon repeatedly to shatter her forcefield, then activate devil trigger and move in at close range to execute combination strike assaults.
    17. Continue to attack the demon in this way until she disappears, then eliminate the surrounding ground enemies that arrive next and refill your devil trigger gauge.
    18. Clear out the lesser enemies until the floating demon appears again, then destroy the forcefield as you did before and activate devil trigger to eventually defeat her.
    19. After entering the grave, descend the stairs below to move forward through the corridor at the bottom and activate a cut scene in which you encounter the Imprisoner.
    20. Activate devil trigger if possible and dash in a circle around the Imprisoner while firing your sword at it repeatedly, then sidestep the enemy when it charges towards you and execute a series of combination strikes after the monster comes to a stop.
    21. Wait until the Imprisoner raises its arms to strike, then retreat to a safe distance and sprint sideways to dodge the enemy’s ground pound attacks as you fire your sword at him repeatedly.
    22. Maneuver around or between the brambles that emerge from the ground to continue avoiding damage and move in closer to boss again until he is still enough for to strike.
    23. Continue dodging the brambles that sprout up and the projectiles hurled your way until you can activate devil trigger again, then strike the Imprsioner at close-range and roll away from his pounding fists each time they come down.
    24. Finish defeating the Imprisoner with a final volley of sword throws and another series of close-range combination strikes to complete this mission.
    25. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: You don’t belong here (Bronze): Defeat and Imprisoner.

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