DmC: Vergil’s Downfall DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • MISSION 1: Personal Hell
  • MISSION 2: Hollow
  • MISSION 3: Power Struggle
  • MISSION 4: Heartless
  • MISSION 5: Own Shadow
  • MISSION 6: Another Chance
  • MISSION 5: Own Shadow

    1. As soon as the battle begins, dash around the outer edge of the area to retreat from Hollow Vergil’s initial attack and fire swords at him repeatedly as you run.
    2. Wait for Hollow Vergil to stand still momentarily and teleport in close to him, then execute a two or three combination attacks and quickly retreat before he can strike back.
    3. Evade Hollow Vergil’s counter attack and launch him into the air to execute another series of combination strikes, then retreat to the outer edge of the area again and dash around it in a circle to avoid taking damage.
    4. Continue dodging Hollow Vergil’s attacks and moving in close to hit him with a launching maneuver or a series of combination strikes until a short action sequence is activated, then remain at a safe distance from the boss and dash away from the glowing blue spots that appear on the ground beneath you.
    5. Dodge the magical attacks that continue to sprout up and remain at a safe distance from the boss until Vergil returns to the same ground that you’re on, then move in at close range and repeat your previous line of assault.
    6. Drain Hollow Vergil’s health to the halfway point and activate devil trigger, then move in at close-range to continue inflicting damage on the boss while also dashing around his counter-attacks.
    7. After the next cut scene, dodge the cluster of magical attacks that emerge from the ground by jump-dashing back and forth repeatedly from one end of this area to the other.
    8. Move in for one last flurry of combination strikes on the ground or in mid-air to finally defeat Hollow Vergil and complete this mission.

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