DmC: Vergil’s Downfall DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • MISSION 1: Personal Hell
  • MISSION 2: Hollow
  • MISSION 3: Power Struggle
  • MISSION 4: Heartless
  • MISSION 5: Own Shadow
  • MISSION 6: Another Chance
  • MISSION 6: Another Chance

    1. Move forward up the path ahead to activate a short action sequence and press the indicated button to Spawn a Doppelgänger, then charge towards the group of enemies ahead and work as a team with your shadow partner to eliminate them with combination strikes.
    2. Use launching and combo attacks to finish clearing the area, then jump onto the tiled ledge in corner and make your way across the next platform ahead and land beside the fountain on the other side.
    3. Jump onto the next land mass ahead to watch the manor’s grounds crumble in front of you, then solidify the platform slight to your right and use it to reach the stairs in the distance.
    4. Collect the cross below the right side of the doorway, then enter the building to move forward through the corridor ahead and jump-dash over the next gap in the floor.
    5. Exit the building through the next open doorway on the right and teleport the indicated platform ahead closer to you, then jump across it to reach the ledge on the other side and turn left to start firing swords at the she-demon’s forcefield.
    6. Attack the other winged enemies above with mid-air combination strikes and finish destroying the she-demon’s forcefield with your projectile swords, then activate demon trigger to eliminate her at close-range and continue clearing this area in the same manner.
    7. Volley the enemy projectiles back at them as a means of avoiding damage until the area is completely cleared, then approach the next teleport point above on the right to reach the overhead ledge and move through the corridor in front of you.
    8. Drop through the next hole in the floor to continue forward down the hall and activate a short action sequence in which the floor splits apart in front of you, then use devil trigger or launching assaults to eliminate the enemies that teleport in at close range and fire projectile swords at the ones that fly above.
    9. Finish clearing the area to jump across the next two gaps in the floor and move forward through the corridor on the other side, then visit the divinity statue in the corner ahead and exit the building through the doorway on the right to activate an action sequence.
    10. Afterwards, use launching assaults to eliminate the creature that emerges nearby with mid-air striking combinations and continue this line of attack on the next group of demons to appear.
    11. Facing the building’s entrance, move around behind the pile of dirt at the structure’s right side corner to collect the purple-glowing item and jump through the hole in the wall on the left to collect the cross.
    12. Finish clearing the area of all remaining threats to reveal the next teleportation point and use it to reach the platform above, then collect the cross below on the right and double-jump-dash to the next crumbling ledge ahead.
    13. Pull the next indicated piece of debris in closer to run forward across it and solidify the platform ahead, then double-jump-dash over the gap in front of you and use the teleportation point to reach the ledge above.
    14. Proceed forward to eliminate the next group of enemies ahead with combination strikes, then fire projectile swords to destroy the pair of she-demons’ forcefields and attack them at close-range with launching assaults.
    15. Use devil trigger to finish clearing the area and pull the next piece of indicated debris closer to you, then double-jump-dash onto it and teleport yourself to the next ledge above.
    16. Collect the cross on your left and move through the next doorway ahead to free the soul above on your right, then drop down onto the walkway below and proceed forward to the pair of columns at the end.
    17. Teleport yourself onto the next land mass above and turn left to solidify the platform ahead, then land on it to use another teleportation point and cross the bridge on your right.
    18. Solidify the two platforms ahead to jump across them and pull the next one on your left closer to land on it as well, then continue in this manner to reach the blue orb in the distance and teleport through it to reach the Paradise gate on the other side.
    19. Approach the Paradise gate to encounter the next group of enemies and spawn your Doppelgänger, then work as a team to eliminate the club-fisted monster by striking him in the back and defeat the chainsaw enemies with the help of launching assaults.
    20. Continue spawning your Doppelgänger to eliminate enemy wave that continue to appear by attacking them one at a time with launching mid-air combinations and jumping shockwave blasts, then defeat the Imprisoner by dodging his attacks from a safe distance and striking at close range when he’s standing still to complete the game.
    21. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Our souls are not at odds brother (Bronze): Complete Vergil’s Downfall.

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