Don’t Blink While Exploring the Strangeness of SCP

Try Not To Blink

SCP Containment Breach is decidedly more involved. It imagines the worst-case scenario for the SCP Foundation — a massive incident in which multiple SCPs escape. Suddenly, a number of monsters are loose in a facility, and you need to survive as well as find your way through it.

Again, the focus is on simplicity. You can run. You can pick up objects. You can open doors. But you can’t do much else. What’s more, Containment Breach may be the only game in the universe with a blinking mechanic.

That’s right, blinking. Because there is a creature within the facility that preys on the milliseconds of vulnerability when a human being refreshes her eyes. It’s known as SCP-173, and it’s born of a concept that’s not exactly new, but is frightening on a primal level. SCP-173 is a statue, created of common materials and with a strange look. But if you should look away or blink, it’ll move — fast. And it will try to kill you.

The game contains a blink meter for just such an event, because 173 is perhaps the primary monster you’ll encounter. Breaking your line of sight with it at all allows it the freedom to move, and the only real defense against it is to run and put objects and walls between it and you. That won’t work to stop everything, however.

A Menagerie of Dangers

There are other fiends to encounter in the darkness of the SCP site in Containment Breach. Some are kept in specific locations, like SCP-895. While it can’t chase players down, like some of the other SCPs, it still has power, and it can still kill.

SCP-895 is an empty coffin, but it has the power to create powerful hallucinations. The thing is, these hallucinations only manifest themselves through either video or photography. In Containment Breach, it’s possible to encounter 895 with no adverse affects, but staring at its CCTV video monitor for too long will cause the player character to commit suicide.

And then there’s what might be one of the most frightening SCPs: 106. It looks like a man, but it hunts people — and it can’t be stopped. Coming after the player like a Terminator, SCP-106 has the ability to phase through walls and floors, and seeks to drag humans into an alternate reality known as its “pocket dimension,” where it imprisons them indefinitely and presumably feeds on them.

Part of the game involves requiring players to go to the pocket dimension in order to advance back in the real world, and there are ways to recapture 106 and take it out of the game. That requires using someone else as bait, however — and in so doing, requires the player to break that person’s leg in order to create a sufficiently tasty lure to get 106 back in its containment cell.

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1 Comment on Don’t Blink While Exploring the Strangeness of SCP


On September 27, 2012 at 2:55 pm

This game’s “dread” dynamics are a welcome tribute to old-school horror stories such as W.F. Harvey’s “The Beast with Five Fingers”, where the build-up is more important than the climax of meeting your nemesis face-to-face. “The Monkey’s Paw” is a classic example – we never actually see the corpse that shambled to the Mother’s door…