Don’t Starve Update Adds Character Powers, Modding Support

Klei Entertainment has put out an update for their survival game Don’t Starve, which provides each of the game’s characters with special abilities and powers unique to their character. Along with new character powers, Klei has added an all new character, Woodie, the lumberjack.

Watch the trailer:

Here’s what’s in store for each of the characters:

Gets a sanity bonus from being near fire
Impervious to fire damage (and probably heat when that becomes a Thing)
Gets a unique lighter that acts as an infinite torch with a very small radius
Has a lower max sanity
Lights fires at random when her sanity is low

Can eat spoiled food with no penalty
Starts with very low stats, but can upgrade himself by eating gears.
Takes damage in the rain, but creates light from the sparks
Can get hit by lightning, causing a system overload that makes him run faster and glow in the dark

Has pathetic, low stats
Can make balloon animals

Has a large stomach
Faster sanity drain in the dark and near scary things
Gets damage and health bonuses when his belly is full (and penalties when it is empty!)

Lower combat damage
Less afraid of the dark and monsters.
Carries around abigail’s flower. When it is charged (it takes a couple of days), a blood sacrifice will summon Abigail!
Abigail is a lot more useful now, and will last until she falls in battle

Gets a bonus tech level
Has a high max sanity
Can craft books that can be read to cast powerful magic spells
Insomniac – can not sleep
Picky eater – higher penalties for spoiled food

In addition to the new character powers, new creatures and craftable items have also been added to the game. The patch also sees the inclusion of better mod support, with a new mod configuration screen that lets you activate/deactivate mods from within the game. Check out the modding forum for details.

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1 Comment on Don’t Starve Update Adds Character Powers, Modding Support


On July 5, 2013 at 6:49 pm

the support this game gets is something to be admired…but I seem to spend nearly all my time picking grass. Klei, I love you guys, but let’s see what we can do about an unbreakable bed.