Doom 3: BFG Edition The Lost Mission Contains Much Recycled Content

Doom 3′s recent re-release, the BFG edition, includes a new seven-level single player expansion pack called The Lost Mission, assembled from material cut from the original game. However, it would appear that a large number of set pieces from maps in the original Doom 3 have been virtually copy-pasted into The Lost Mission, with only minor variations in lighting and enemy placement.

YouTuber MarphitimusBlackimus took several screenshots and compiled a video demonstrating the extend of the recycled material, believing that “nearly half of the “all-new” Lost Mission maps taking place in the UAC facility are based directly on previously existing Doom 3 levels with minimal modifications.”

Check out these comparisons screenshots taken by MarphitimusBlackimus:

This video shows some of the duplicated content in action:

What do you think? Homage/Easter Egg, or laziness?

via PCGamesN

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2 Comments on Doom 3: BFG Edition The Lost Mission Contains Much Recycled Content


On October 22, 2012 at 3:52 pm

Not suprising. This game was another half-a$$ed HD port. I only got it because my old DOOM3 and DOOM 3 ROE CD’s would no longer install for some reason (and those games are some of the few that Steam won’t accept old CD keys for a digital copy )

And really, it barely even looks “HD” They added motion blur though, yay!

Meanwhile, old mods for DOOM 3 that actually made the game look way better are still out there, and free. I don’t know if they are compatable with the BFG edition, but I’m gonna give a few a shot so that the game actually looks good.

One of the old mods added lighting effects to the plasma gun, for example. Each shot would have its own specular lighting which would light a hallway as the projectile traveled down it. This was a nice feature too if you were playing the classic way, with no duck tape mod or anything else. BFG didn’t even add that feature. Total laziness.

So it doesn’t come as a shock that the “lost levels” are just assembled setpieces from the old levels.


On February 5, 2013 at 6:35 am

with so many good mods , ones that enhance the visuals and classic doom that give you the original game using the doom 3 engine, its amazing the rip off of a package, there’s not much difference to my original pc or Xbox collector edition and Resurrection of evil.
the extra levels don’t add a lot of value and do repeat a lot from the original, i was hard press to tell any improvements in the main game.
would have been nice if the classic doom 1 mod were together with a similar upgrading using the doom 3 engine for doom 2, and final doom is missing also a screen that allows you to play many off the popular mods of the original would have been nice, and completed a package worthy off its retail price.
this is only for the extreme completest or thous that missed out on the original PC and Xbox releases
because if you missed it, it is still one off the best games in its genre out there