Doom 3: BFG Edition Walkthrough

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  1. Exit the room and turn right to collect the pistol off the wall, then climb the steps in the opposite corner to move through the door at the top and enter the next area ahead.
  2. Make a right around the walkway to head down the staircase on the other side and move through the next two doors at the bottom, then continue navigating the facility to enter Convergence Chamber-2.
  3. Exit the room using the green doors on the left and move into the next area designated as MAINT-PO1, then make your way down the next staircase and use the flashlight after the lights go out to reach the garage below.
  4. Approach the console behind the man located on the floor below and use it to cycle the airlock, then enter the red-lit chamber and press the button on the left to close the door behind you.
  5. After the chamber has been pressurized, exit through the next door that opens to reach Mars’ outside area and cross the bridge ahead to cycle the airlock on the other side.
  6. Enter the red-lit airlock to pressurize it and continue forward into the next area that opens for you ahead, then climb the steps on the left to access the Level 1 control panel and use it to activate the elevator.
  7. Enter the elevator that opens and use the control panel on the right to select “Communications”, then exit the car after riding it to the floor above and make a left around the next walkway to eventually activate a cut scene.
  8. Afterwards, kill the scientist effected by the orange bursts of energy that suddenly appear and turn towards the previous door you used to eliminate another enemy that bursts into the room.
  9. Search the lower half of this room for supplies and head back the way you originally came to return to the elevator, then ride the car to the level below and approach the next airlock below.
  10. Exit the chamber after it pressurizes to cross the outside bridge and enter the airlock on the other side, then move forward into the next area ahead and take out the enemy directly to your right.
  11. Climb the steps to open the door on the left and back up immediately to eliminate the enemy behind it, then move up the next flashing red-lit staircase ahead and make a right at the top.
  12. Move through the next doorway ahead and eliminate the enemy that climbs the ladder in front of you, then approach the red console on the left and use it to extend the service bridge.
  13. Cross the bridge that’s been lowered and immediately turn left on the other side to eliminate the ambushing enemy, then move through the next door ahead and eliminate another possessed soldier.
  14. Make your way down to the level below and move through the corner to take out an approaching enemy, then collect the PDA and bullets from the row of monitors in the left corner.
  15. Climb back up the previous set of steps to move through the door that will now open for you at the top, then continue down the corridor ahead and turn right at the end to eliminate an approaching enemy.
  16. Collect supplies from the corner and turn around to move through the door behind you, then move down the steps on the right to collect the equipment off the crate and descend to the next level below.
  17. Use the shotgun to clear out the zombies swarming around you and search the red-lit room for additional supplies, then climb the nearby ladder to exit this area and move through the door in the right corner above.
  18. Navigate the darkened corridors and stairs ahead while eliminating possessed soldiers along the way, then move through the door opposite of the burst steam pipe to activate a cut scene and quickly eliminate the creature that appears with several shotgun blasts.
  19. Turn around to continue moving along the walkway and take out the two enemies around the next corner, then follow the corridor ahead to reach the green door below on the right.
  20. Take out the enemy behind the nearby crate and move through the green door to enter the next room on the left, then navigate the corridor below to continue gunning down creatures in your path and return to Convergence Chamber-2.
  21. Exit to your left and open the door on the other side of the bridge to eliminate the creature behind it, then continue moving forward across the area ahead to eventually reach a blood-stained entrance.
  22. Move through the blood-stained door to eliminate the enemies on the steps and climb them to exit at the top, then fight your way up the next staircase and take out the creature to your right on the landing above.
  23. Exit this area through the door in the left corner ahead and take out the possessed soldier sitting at the console below, then approach the nearby red monitor to override the security and leave this room.
  24. Eliminate the next zombie that approaches and turn left to exit this area through the door in the corner, then take out the creature that suddenly appears in the middle of the room and access the panel that reads LEVEL 1.
  25. Use the control panel to open the door ahead and step backward to eliminate the enemy that comes through it, then exit the room to use the panel on the right and complete this level.

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5 Comments on Doom 3: BFG Edition Walkthrough


On October 13, 2012 at 12:29 am

“Check back on 9/16 for new updates”.

…….So its going to take 11 months to update this beast of a game? O.o

Kevin Thielenhaus

On October 13, 2012 at 5:08 am

I was more hoping time-travel would be involved.

No! It should say 10/16, sorry for the mix-up.


On October 18, 2012 at 2:18 am

Time to look for the game update.


On February 9, 2013 at 4:57 am

I am in Delta Labs 1 and need to retrieve the data linker. Anyone know where it is??

Kevin Thielenhaus

On February 12, 2013 at 12:45 pm


I did a quick search, and it sounds like the Data Linker is found after dropping down a hole (the one that explodes near the player) and continuing through until you enter a Control Room-like area. The Data Linker is on the ground, near a corpse.