This mod originally started out as a map file then i gout out of control with perfection. so i ended up making a mod out of it. any way, this mod adds a new hero unit and hero class. Brudisious Vaunt, Class: Mercenary. Brudisious can be hired by all factions' making him the first non loyal hero to a faction. is balanced out to have a one life time use so that another faction may get a chance to use him in skirmish and GC. he is a collector of clone wars tech and as such i've added clone wars models to the game allowing for more playability. and a new type of ship is also in this mod, the ship "Summoner" in skirmish these ships can tactically build ships like a spacestation as long as they are on the field. each faction also has a super weapon. the Rebel Destructor can fire a weaker version of the Eclipse Cannon and 3 planetary ioncannon shots from its bow. the underworld eclipse is smaller and a MK II version of the ship, no longer under construction, it can move about the battle fie

Alderaan's Rebirth

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